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CEO Of Untapped Potential Inc & Podcast Host

About Bill

Meet Bill Caskey, a transformative speaker and the driving force behind Untapped Potential Inc . Once grappling with sales anxiety and setbacks, Bill revolutionized his approach, achieving an impressive 350% increase in sales. Today, he specializes in aiding frustrated businesses and CEOs, orchestrating transformations for lackluster sales teams into high-performing ones.

Bill’s track record is marked by the generation of over $750 million in additional revenue, a testament to the effectiveness of his reinvention strategies. As the host of The Advanced Selling Podcast, an iTunes top 50 marketing podcast with over 15 million downloads, Bill shares practical insights and strategies honed through his experience.
Bill is on a mission to help 10,000 people use their gifts and talents to grow their businesses and achieve their financial dreams.


“The Caskey Philosophy has been part of our sales culture for more than 10 years. Bill’s strategies are modern and effective. Plus, because of the high level of service we insist on for our customers, our sales process must be void of gimmicks. Any sales strategy has to fit into the brand we want to exhibit. And Bill’s strategy does exactly that.”

— William M., Sr., VP Sales | Financial Services

“Bill Caskey spoke to our team at our December sales retreat. I had never seen that kind of energy created from one simple talk. We ended up working with Bill all of the next year to help our people become better marketers in their territories. Bill’s strategies are world-class.”

—  Marie B. VP Sales, Logistics & Global Supply Chain

“As someone who deals with speakers and presenters, I can say that Bill’s attention to detail gave me great confidence to know that we were going to have an outstanding event. We’ve had Bill in for several sessions, and he is always the top-rated speaker.”
— Bonnie R., Meeting Planner
“I invited Bill in to help coach my sales team of 20 people. His strategies are modern and effective. Even though my team was already well-trained, they left each session with new, innovative ideas on how to both prospect and close more deals. Plus, his workaround mindset is unique and effective. I can say it was well worth the investment.”
— Griffen K., Financial Software Executive

Speaking Topics

Unlocking Your True Value: 5 Strategies To Command A Premium Price in a Commodity Market

In this empowering talk, Bill shares a modern sales strategy that empowers any sales team to break free from the Commodity Dungeon–that place where only price matters. Discover the crucial principles of taking control of the sales cycle, cultivating the right mindset, and crafting a compelling messaging. The result? The ability to command a premium price from customers, even when faced with low-priced competitors

The Art of Leverage: How To Get More Out Of What You Have

Tailored for anyone in the company, Bill shares 5 time-tested strategies to leverage your talent, wisdom and action as a sales or business leader. This session is a game-changer, aiming to explode your sales and marketing productivity by examining how you communicate your value to the market. Bill guides you through 5 business building strategies that employ “leverage” to grow your results without working more hours.

The Million Dollar Performers; 5 Counter-Intuitive Strategies to Exponentially Grow Your Business

Perfect for sales and business development professionals with high market potential, this session addresses the crucial modern sales skills needed for joyful revenue generation. Bill unveils three key strategies: Transforming the sales approach, cultivating a millionaire mindset, and simplifying your unique messaging. Walk away with three actionable strategies to immediately attract new customers. For those seeking elevated proficiency and earning power, Bill shares essential insights that break free from conventional mindsets and strategies.

Note To Meeting Planners

A Trusted Authority In Sales
You can rely on Bill to captivate and inspire your audience, while clients can anticipate tangible results that propel their teams to new heights. If you’re ready to elevate your event with a speaker who delivers real-world results, Bill Caskey is the ideal choice.

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