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Blake Robertson’s presence at your event means equipping your attendees with the marketing mastery needed to turn their law practices into client magnets. His mission aligns with your goals: to educate and entertain, ensuring lawyers leave with the tools to be sought after in a competitive market.

Blake Robertson

In the span of six years, Blake has been the catalyst for client growth for countless professionals through tailored marketing techniques. He is dedicated to guiding one million lawyers to their ideal clients, employing a mix of enlightening and entertaining methods, by the year 2034.

Blake Robertson, renowned for his marketing expertise, turns struggling law practices into thriving entities. Featured in various publications, his customized marketing strategies have driven client acquisition for many professionals over his six-year stint. As a 10X Certified Marketing Coach, Blake develops precise marketing gameplans, ensuring a steady influx of quality clients despite the wavering legal landscape many lawyers face regarding quality clients. With Blake, lawyers transition from pursuing clients to being sought after, providing a consistent, prosperous legal practice.
Blake is on a mission to help one million lawyers connect with their ideal clients through education and entertainment by 2034.


“It’s always nice to read your take on business, manufacturing, management, and self-improvement. You have lots of good advice and words of wisdom!”
— E. Higgins, CIRAS Automation Project Manager
“I value the years we worked together, and learned a lot from you.”
— J. Kaiser, Director Of Supply Chain

Speaking Topic

Mastering The Art Of Legal Branding:
3 Ways To Get Clients Coming To You

Traditional legal marketing tactics no longer provide the desired reach or client base a lawyer needs to build a reputable practice. In today’s digital age, lawyers need to craft an online brand and presence to stay relevant and top of mind. In his talk, Blake discusses why legal services should focus on digital marketing as well as how it benefits their growth both immediately and in the long run. Attendees will understand the importance of digital marketing for legal services and learn three immediate steps to implement to improve their social presence and stimulate discussion.

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