Candy Kellen

Founder Of Building Stronger Marriages

About Candy

nspired by her passion for helping Christian married couples build thriving, God-honoring marriages, Candy Kellen founded Building Stronger Marriages. For much of their 25 years of marriage, she and her husband, Gary, have been training and equipping couples in both the United States and abroad. Candy communicates from her heart with authenticity and inspires couples who may feel disillusioned, hopeless, or like they have tried everything. Candy imparts tools and resources that enable couples to navigate challenges while building deep and meaningful connections with one another, as well as rekindling romance, hope, and joy.


“Ben has a way of connecting that is very authentic. He has great advice, is a fantastic speaker, and shares stories and lessons that are relevant to every person in any audience.”
— Brian Faust
“Ben has the ability to take the complex, unpack it, and make it relatable and easy to understand.”
— Jonathan Douglas
“Something about the way Ben presents showed me how much he cares. He really wants people to live their best and most productive lives.”
— Andrea Clauder

Speaking Topic

Hope Is Here: 3 Simple Steps To The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted

Marriage coach Candy Kellen shares practical steps every couple can take to build a thriving and fulfilling marriage. She teaches how to reconnect, rekindle romance, and revitalize your relationship. You will find hope and be inspired as you learn that you don’t have to do marriage alone anymore!
Candy Kellen offers faith-filled guidance to help Christian couples navigate their marital challenges and restore harmony. This presentation delves into the heart of the disconnect, giving couples the necessary tools and resources to reignite the romance and connection they once shared. Let Candy guide your journey from a troubled union to a vibrant, love-filled partnership.

Note To Meeting Planners

Passionate About Building Healthy And Happy Marriages

Candy uses her vast experience as a marriage coach to impart hope and practical tools to couples who are struggling to find a connection in their marriages.
Building Stronger Marriages
Candy Kellen and her husband, Gary, have spent much of their 25 years of marriage imparting hope and tools that build healthy marriages into the lives of Christian married couples in the United States and abroad.

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