Carlos Salguero

Founder Of Salguero Training Technologies, Multifamily Real Estate Investing Coach

About Carlos

Carlos Salguero is a dynamic professional real estate investor and founder of Salguero Training Technologies, an industry-leading company that offers the resources and support necessary for others to achieve success in the real estate industry. As a devoted husband and father to three beautiful children, Carlos understands the significance of building generational wealth and harnessed that knowledge to become Grant Cardone’s #1 success story

With an astonishing 1,000 multifamily doors under his belt, Carlos’s reputation as a multifamily real estate expert was earned in less than 12 months. He is on track to acquire 1 billion dollars worth of multifamily real estate within 5 years, a feat that speaks to his impressive skillset and experience. Through his mentorship program, Carlos created a fast-track guide to help others create generational wealth through real estate investing, resulting in his students closing on a multifamily deal in less than 16 weeks. Carlos attributes his success to the importance of education and mentorship, and his dedication to helping others achieve their financial goals is a testament to his unwavering passion for real estate investing.

Carlos is on a mission to transform the lives of 10 million growth-driven entrepreneurs by inspiring and empowering them to create family wealth, thrive, and reach their full potential within 5 years.


“I’m a mother currently working a W2 job. When I started to invest with Carlos, I was able to see the team buy a property at $20MM and see it rise to $29MM in less than a year. My returns grew more than promised.”

Grace Wilson

“I became a real estate investor thanks to Carlos. I was searching for a mentor who could provide me with the right information and guidance, and that’s when I found Carlos. He took the time to get to know me, understand my story, family, and goals. Based on that, he created a customized plan of actionable steps for me to follow. In less than a year, I was able to acquire 113 units under my portfolio, all thanks to Carlos’s guidance and mentorship.”

James Katina, Recording Artist

“When I visited Lakeland with Carlos’ team to check out a property, I was impressed not only with Carlos’ teachings but also with the team he had working under him. I learned that having the right team can make or break a project. That’s why I choose to put my confidence and investments with Carlos, because of his exceptional team.”

Art Haedike, Chief Technology Officer At inMarket

“When my wife KJ and I discovered Carlos’ free content, we were blown away by the value we received. We knew we wanted to explore multifamily real estate, but we didn’t know where to start. Carlos gave us the confidence, direction, and clarity we needed to take action and pursue our dreams. His guidance and mentorship have completely transformed our mindset and beliefs about what’s possible, and we’re now taking massive strides toward achieving our goals. Thank you, Carlos, for everything you’ve done for us!”

—  Joseph and KJ Mudd, Founders Of Million Dollar Upside Group

Speaking Topic

The Shortcut To Success: How Mentors Helped Me Achieve More In 1 Year Than 15 Years Of Grinding

Carlos spent more than 15 years being a successful entrepreneur but oftentimes had to work extremely hard to recreate his success. He ground day in and day out for the first 7 years without taking a single day of vacation and also slept at the office. Once he started to find the right groups and the right mentors, his mindset shifted from what he learned growing up. In his talk, Carlos outlines his journey to success in real estate. He covers the key habits he learned, the bad habits he eliminated, and the importance of mentorship from those “in the trenches” doing what he wanted to do. Attendees will walk away with the right process to bring their businesses and lives to the next level in the shortest amount of time.

Empowering Entrepreneurs To Create Generational Wealth Through Real Estate

Carlos’ journey in the multifamily real estate industry is nothing short of remarkable – in under a year, he went from being a beginner to an expert with over 1,000 multifamily doors under his name. Now, he’s dedicated to helping 10 million aspiring entrepreneurs create generational wealth, live their best lives, and achieve their goals within a short time frame of 5 years.

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