Carol Fairman

CEO Of A Center Of Hope CPC, Inc., Business Coach, Fundraising Consultant

About Carol

Carol Fairman is the CEO of A Center of Hope CPC, Inc., a certified behavioral consultant, and a certified business coach. With a knack for building lasting relationships, she has led fundraising efforts that raised over $3 million, moving her ministry from financial struggles to abundance. Her record-breaking fundraising initiatives have saved thousands of lives, leaving a lasting impact on the community. Recognizing donor retention as key to community service, Carol effectively communicates with donors to inspire actions for long-term impact.
Carol is on a mission to aid 100,000 nonprofit leaders in doubling their raised funds to broaden their community impact by 2028.


“Thank you, Carol, for being the answer to prayer! For not only giving directions, advice, encouragement, and coaching, but also practical equipment that allowed us to continue ministry, deepen donor engagement, and break through the fundraising ceiling holding us back. Your help was exactly what we needed at exactly the right time that will continue to yield returns for years to come. Thank you, Carol! We couldn’t have survived this season without you.”
— Troy Dennison, Multi-Area Director, FCA Montana
“Carol shows up ready to teach you and walks you through everything you need to start your business. She is straightforward and doesn’t hesitate to let you know what is missing. I was confused, lost, and stressed trying to figure out how to start my business, but Carol came and relieved so much stress with her plan that breaks down what you need in steps. She has helped take my fear and stress away, and also motivated me when I was doubting myself with this business.”
— Alma Lopez, Small Business Owner
“I couldn’t have done what I did without the check-ins from Carol and the friends I made in the group cheering me on from the sidelines!”
— Becca, Virtual Business Owner

Speaking Topic

Unlocking Fundraising Success:
3 Cutting-Edge Strategies To Uncap Donor Potential

Many non-profit leaders face the challenge of raising enough funds to support their missions, even when they work hard and do their best. In her talk, Carol reveals three key strategies that go beyond the usual golf tournaments and help you boost your fundraising results, build lasting relationships, and motivate your donors to give more generously and consistently. Attendees will discover how to apply the CLEAR framework to speed up their fundraising process, how to nurture authentic connections that foster loyalty and trust, and how to find and persuade potential donors who share your vision and values.
Learn To Double Your Fundraising And Impact From A Leader Who Raised Millions
From raising millions for her own cause to empowering others to double theirs, Carol ignites a fundraising revolution, aiming to double the impact of 100,000 nonprofits by 2028.

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