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Founder Of Strategy Square

About Chantell

Chantell Hammond, the founder of Strategy Square, pivoted from the closure of her fitness studio to becoming a champion for female entrepreneurs’ success. Experiencing firsthand the pitfalls of inadequate marketing, she now dedicates her expertise to simplifying and implementing practical business strategies. Through her step-by-step system, Chantell guides her clients toward profitable marketing efforts, helping them revitalize their passion for their businesses and achieve financial growth.
Chantell is on a mission to help 5,000 female entrepreneurs hit seven figures by 2035.


“Chantell and her team are AMAZING! She digs in to really understand my brand, gives suggestions, and cares about the outcomes. As a solopreneur, I am constantly pulled in too many directions. She was absolutely a necessary addition to my team. I can now focus on the things I do best.”
— Alana Kay, Founder Of AlanaKayART
“Chantell has an amazing wealth of knowledge in social media marketing. She has grown our followers by 471% in the last 90 days!”
— Jaime Hanser, Founder Of Let’s Alleyoop
“Chantell’s understanding of the difference between social media posting and social media strategy was the key to unlocking the full potential of my business.”
— Dorina Lantella, Founder Of Dorina’s Kitchen

Speaking Topics

3 Steps To Attract Clients Without Relying On Social Media

In an era where social media burnout is all too real, this talk peels back the curtain on a refreshing approach for female entrepreneurs tired of minimal returns from maximum effort. While mainstream advice emphasizes going viral, Chantell explores an alternative path: fostering meaningful connections with a smaller audience. Attendees will learn how to harness the power of impactful messaging to resonate deeply with potential clients; position their products or services as compelling solutions to their needs; and utilize automation to strengthen connections, turning leads into loyal patrons.

Embrace Your Inner Expert: Banishing Imposter Syndrome Without Therapy Or Self-Help Gurus

Tailored for women entrepreneurs facing the paralyzing grip of imposter syndrome, Chantell seeks to reignite their innate confidence and validate their expertise. In her talk, Chantell dives deep to unearth the root cause of self-doubt and unveils three transformative secrets to conquering imposter syndrome, unlocking a pathway to self-assurance in their business endeavors. Attendees will learn where imposter syndrome originates, how organization will boost their confidence, and why healthy marketing strategies are immune to imposter syndrome.

Note To Meeting Planners

The Strategist For Client Attraction & Business Growth

Chantell Hammond translates her personal journey of overcoming business adversity into strategic marketing wisdom, offering attendees a clear path to client attraction and business growth.
Chantell simplifies the complex world of marketing for female entrepreneurs by helping them build a robust system that attracts the clients they’ve always desired. She’s dedicated to elevating 5,000 women to hit the seven-figure mark by 2035.

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