Chris Colby

Founder Of Chris Colby PRO, Author, Training And Coaching Principal At CPL Architects & Engineers

About Chris

Chris Colby is a seven-figure earner, award-winning architect, and author. He is dedicated to improving business growth for architects, contractors, and engineers with his firm, Chris Colby PRO. He specializes in employee training and improving efficiency by eliminating distractions and frustrations in firms. Through his efforts, organizations have seen an impressive 21% increase in employee efficiency.
Chris Colby is on a mission to impact 1,000,000 professionals in the A.E.C. industry through new strategies and systems modernizing the industry by 2033.


“Since incorporating the Chris Colby PRO training into our in-house training program, hurdles have become opportunities allowing trainees to better demonstrate their skills and knowledge. We are experiencing higher levels of engagement, synergy, and overall energy. The FirmAccelerator program has become the silent backbone on our continued journey towards industry leadership.”
— Bob Moretti, Director Of Sales, Operations, And Training At Tremco Roofing
“Chris Colby PRO’s training was key in constructing our pathway to success. Their customized advice and instruction revolutionized how we handle difficulties, changing former hurdles into catalysts for remarkable expansion. Just a year later, we find ourselves at the forefront of markets we previously perceived as unattainable. Any architectural firm with aspirations to grow cannot afford to miss the invaluable experience this phenomenal program provides.”
— Scott Wallenhorst, AIA, CEO Of Heart Design Group
“Every architecture firm dreams of turning visions into reality, and the Chris Colby PRO program has given us the keys to do just that. Their comprehensive training and insightful direction have been game-changers in confronting and mastering tough situations. Our firm’s growth has been nothing short of exponential, and our portfolio of successfully navigated projects speaks for itself. This past year has proven that with the right support, no architectural challenge is too daunting.”
— Orion Watkins, AIA, Principal Of Orion Watkins Architecture

Speaking Topics

The 3 Secrets To Building Thriving Architecture: How To Free Up Time And Expand Your Business

Many architects are great at designing amazing buildings for their clients. However they find it hard to get their firm launched or expand it to success. In this talk, Chris guides you on how to free up time, paving the way for firm expansion without overloading your workday. Attendees will learn the three integral areas said to be the foundation of any successful architecture firm’s launch and future: identifying how to get clients quickly, the interplay of teams and targets, the crucial role of organizational structure. to permanently remove persistent frustrations and let you thrive as a firm owner.

The Secrets To A Successful A.E.C. Firm:
Enhance Employee Performance And Expand Your Business
Chris empowers architects to enhance employee productivity so they can achieve seamless project completion and attain more time to expand their firm. He has a vision to transform the A.E.C. industry by impacting 1,000,000 professionals with new strategies and systems by 2033.

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