Dr. Chris Knobbe, MD

Founder And Director of Ancestral Health Foundation, Physician, Ophthalmologist

About Dr. Knobbe

Dr. Chris Knobbe, a public health advocate, is dedicated to showing those who are overweight and struggling with some of our most common diseases in today’s modern world how to adjust their diets most simply so that they can move from a symptom-stricken life to one that they can start living again. Over the last seven years, Dr. Knobbe has emerged as an influential figure in global health education. His enlightening presentations and insightful podcasts have reached millions worldwide, sparking a significant interest in health and wellness. By focusing on the dangers of processed foods, vegetable oils, refined flours, and sugars, Dr. Knobbe advocates for people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and want to take their health back one bite at a time.
Dr. Chris Knobbe is on a mission to educate one billion people to prevent and treat overweight and chronic disease through the power of ancestral diets.


“Dr. Chris Knobbe has done it again! If Chris hasn’t convinced you yet, The Ancestral Diet Revolution will show you that the number one action you can take to be healthy and slim is to avoid all industrial seed oils! Then, embrace the foods of your ancestors and enjoy your journey to perfect health!”
— Sally Fallon Morell, President
“Dr. Chris Knobbe has produced evidence linking omega-6 seed oils as a driver of overweight, coronary heart disease, cancers, type 2 diabetes, and many chronic diseases. I support this book.”
— Dr. Loren Cordain, PhD
“Dr. Knobbe’s book, The Ancestral Diet Revolution, presents a vast body of research, both published and original, which culminates in the profound conclusion that we can prevent and reverse overweight, obesity, and most chronic diseases simply by avoiding processed foods and, primarily, by the avoidance of industrial seed oils. This book is not only revolutionary, methodical, and scientific, but the new and originally produced supportive evidence is also absolutely stunning.”
— Dr. Aseem Malhotra, Consultant Cardiologist, United Kingdom, NHS
“Seed oils are perhaps the single greatest driver of illness and disease today, and they are pervasive in our food supply. In this book, Chris has done a fantastic job of breaking down the history of their intrusion into our food, the science of why they are harmful, and how you can massively improve your health by avoiding them. If you care about your health, read this book and share with those you care about.”
— Dr. Paul Saladino, MD, AKA “Carnivore MD”

Speaking Topic

Unmasking Hidden Culprits: The Unhealthy Side Of Your “Healthy” Diet!

Many people are unhappy with their weight and are on the verge of chronic disease. They try to follow a “healthy” diet, but still can’t lose weight or improve their health. What are they doing wrong? In his talk, Dr. Chris Knobbe reveals the hidden enemies in your “healthy” foods that are sabotaging your weight loss and health goals. Attendees will find out how vegetable oils and other ingredients are fueling the obesity crisis and the rise of diseases. They will also gain practical, easy-to-follow tips to overhaul their diet, drop those unwanted pounds, and boost their health with everyday food choices.
Reclaim Your Health And Vitality Through Ancestral Diets
Dr. Chris has been spreading the word about ancestral diets to millions of people across the globe through his talks and podcasts over the last decade. His vision is to teach one billion people how to avoid and heal overweight and chronic disease with the power of ancestral diets.

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