Cody Bjugan

Founder of Allied Development & VestRight, Land Developer, Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor

About Cody

Cody Bjugan is a seasoned real estate developer, entrepreneur, investor, mentor and the founder of Allied Development and VestRight.
Allied Development is a real estate development company that specializes in acquisition and entitlement of off-market raw land across the country that has development potential. After achieving success in his field, he wanted a way to give back and share his knowledge and created VestRight as a result.
VestRight is an educational and coaching company dedicated to making an impact on lives by teaching real estate investors, real estate agents, and other entrepreneurs how to become land acquisition specialists. Through VestRight, Cody has trained hundreds of students on how he successfully finds off-market raw land with development potential and sells them for 6-7 figures profit per deal without putting their own capital at risk.
Cody Bjugan has committed to help 1,000 people leave their job and become millionaires by providing a unique approach to real estate investing.
Additionally, beyond his all-important task of being the best husband and father, his mission as a devoted follower of Jesus is to share and inspire, so that together, we are proud of our “1LEGACY.”


“VestRight offers training that provides much more than a textbook study of land acquisition and development. VestRight training provides real-world examples and the street-smart strategies to truly make this a first-class workshop. The emphasis on integrity and terms are particularly helpful. It is my opinion that this course accelerates a career entry into land acquisition/wholesaling by saving at least 5-10 years of learning the hard way. The investment in practical and thorough education by real-word professionals is invaluable.”
— CRAIG C., VestRight Student
“When you are looking to work with or learn from someone, who they are ultimately determines the level of success within the relationship. It’s a huge advantage if you work with and learn from experts who have already been successful in what they do and teach. Their expertise is proven by their own track-record and success. Cody Bjugan is that expert in land acquisition, entitlements, and development. Cody’s company is extremely active daily, doing exactly what they teach. Because of this, he truly understands all aspects of how to properly analyze and create successful projects. His knowledge will save you a lot of painful mistakes, whether you are selling to him or learning from him. I highly recommend Cody and his company in the land development industry.”
— Ken McElroy, Principal MC Companies
“Cody and his team take an organized approach. It is a privilege to work with knowledgeable and focused clients like Allied Development who have a knack for assembling a top-notch design team.”
— James D. Imbrie, GeoPacific Engineering Inc.
“Cody Bjugan has a way of making you feel like you’re working too hard. When I heard about how he does land deals that make 7 figures profit per deal, I wanted to know more. Cody is a big-league land developer with an even bigger heart. He’s got a business model that anyone can follow, and it’s his purpose in life to help people achieve true financial independence. Cody and I both believe the key to success is thinking big and taking massive action, and he’s walking the talk and helping others do the same.”
— Kent Clothier, Real Estate World Wide

Speaking Topic

The Best Kept Secret In Real Estate Investing: How This “Hidden” Market Can Help You Leave Your Job

For those who are sick of their 9-5 job and looking for a new opportunity to increase their income and create financial independence for themselves through a “hidden” market in real estate acquisitions and entitlements – land deals. Cody outlines the opportunity for raw land deals and the 3 steps needed to generate success. Audience members will learn the difference between raw land deals versus traditional real estate investing; understand that raw land isn’t just for homebuilders and developers; and recognize why building wealth with a 9-5 will never work.
Helping Entrepreneurs Lead A Life Of Purpose, Fulfillment, And Impact
Land acquisition and entitlements is a blue ocean of opportunity. Cody teaches how he turned raw land into 7-figure profits.

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