Cory Rindlisbacher

President Of The R7 Group

About Cory

As president of the R7 Group, Cory Rindlisbacher brings over 25 years of management experience to the company’s current portfolio of over 4,500 residential and self-storage units.

Cory’s comprehensive approach to management relieves the property owners of common headaches associated with things like property emergencies, maintenance, interaction

with difficult tenants, rent collection, evictions and compliance. By lowering vacancy rates, renting to high-quality tenants, and seamlessly handling the day-to-day needs of the facilities, Cory can increase the value of the properties while also providing the owners with greater passive income. As a result, the property owners that he serves are able to experience peace of mind and have the time to pursue their passions with undivided attention.


“They are raising the standard of apartment living.”
— Daniel McArthur, St. George Mayor
“They have the nicest facility I have ever seen.”
— Brian Mullally, VP Of Acquisitions

Speaking Topic

Restoring The “Passive” To Your Passive Income Investment Properties:
How To Eliminate Ownership Stress By Finding The Right Property Management Company

Cory Rindlisbacher, a 25-year veteran of the property management world, shares his insights into the vital role that a property management company plays in the overall success and value of a given property. He also addresses how a comprehensive management approach will offer peace of mind to the owners by handling all aspects of the day-to-day operations. Attendees will leave this talk equipped with sound strategies to minimize stress and optimize the real estate ownership experience.

Note To Meeting Planners

25 Years Of Excellence In Property Management

Cory Rindlisbacher of the R7 Group offers expertise in comprehensive property management solutions.
Cory Rindlisbacher of the R7 Group offers comprehensive investment property management solutions that increase property values and revenues, and bring peace of mind to owners. Their current property management portfolio is more than 4,500 units.

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