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After a 35-year career as a software engineer and CPA, Craig Bell now draws upon his professional experience as a certified business coach. He partners with businesses that are experiencing stagnant growth and declining sales. Using innovative strategies and optimized system processes, Craig excels at helping business owners and sales teams boost lead generation, sales conversion rates, and overall revenue growth.


“I have known Craig Bell for the past ten years. It has been my privilege to work closely with him on many occasions. I know Craig to be trustworthy and dependable. When he accepts an assignment, there is no doubt that it will be completed. He is willing to take on challenges that others may be unwilling to fulfill. He is dedicated and faithful. I highly recommend him.”
— Steve Grudzinski
“I have known Craig Bell for over 30 years and have always known him to be honest, trustworthy, and dependable. Craig has always been there to help others and has done great work for many humanitarian efforts and projects. He has always shown selfless attributes in serving his fellow man, and I recommend him highly as a loyal and caring individual.”
— Wayne Cox
“I have known Craig Bell for over 20 years. He is a good man with a good heart and a strong work ethic. We have worked together in several different leadership capacities, and Craig has always been a solid performer. He relates well with people of all ages and backgrounds, and I consider him a good friend.”
— Jack Claiborne

Speaking Topic

The Game Changer: Secrets To Turbocharging Conversion Rates Through Strategic Follow-Up

This insightful talk targets business owners and sales professionals struggling to convert leads into sales. Focusing primarily on critical techniques for consistent client engagement, business coach Craig Bell emphasizes the significance of strategic follow-ups throughout the year. Attendees will learn how to organize a fool-proof system for customer relationship management to ensure every potential client’s progress is properly tracked, dramatically improving conversion rates.

Note To Meeting Planners

Skilled At Moving Businesses Out Of Stagnation Into Growth

Craig Bell is highly effective at training sales teams to convert more leads into sales.

Optimum Sales Training, LLC

Certified sales coach Craig Bell is skilled at taking stagnating companies to new levels of growth by training sales teams to turn more leads into sales.

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