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Invite Craig Lack to your event and provide your attendees with the blueprint to safeguard their company’s financial well-being by mastering their healthcare spending. His proven strategies have already recaptured hundreds of millions in economic value, ensuring CFOs meet and exceed their fiscal targets.

Craig Lack

Craig’s expertise in financial hedging is a game-changer for CFOs, transforming operational expenditures into EBITDA and perpetually elevating their company’s enterprise value. He’s driven by a bold vision: to catalyze over $10 billion in enterprise value for clients across the country by 2028.

Craig Lack, the CEO of Catilize Health, has successfully created over $2 billion of economic value for clients by utilizing his proprietary solutions. Specializing in collaborations with CFOs, unions, and private equity, Craig’s expertise addresses the unnecessary risk and unconscious overspending on healthcare OpEx.

Often called upon when companies face frustration and financial distress, he adeptly transforms significant, uncertain liabilities into manageable fixed expenses. With Craig’s guidance, CFOs experience increased profits, budget certainty, and job security—often leading to a well-deserved pay raise.
Craig is on a mission to generate over $10 billion of enterprise value for clients nationwide by 2028.


“I have a large family with some significant health issues. We spend a lot of money on healthcare each year. It has been such a relief to have the MERP program cover these extra costs that my husband’s insurance company does not cover! We have received over $600 back in just four months’ time! That’s amazing!”
— Emily B.

“At first, the program seemed too good to be true. We are so grateful that it really is true! It has saved us thousands of dollars over the past two years. My husband had to have physical therapy not long after we joined the program, so we saw immediate results: The total bill almost met our deductible less than a month into the new year, and MERP covered every penny.”

— Joanna L.
“The process is simple and easy. If my provider does not file the MERP on my behalf, then I just send a copy of my EOB along with the bill for copays or deductibles. The reimbursement is taken care of in a timely manner.”
— Mary A.

Speaking Topic

How CFOs And CEOs Can Collaboratively Arbitrage Risk To Increase Profits Year Over Year

In the complex financial landscape, certain operational costs often silently drain profits. In this talk, Craig Lack highlights the hidden links between healthcare costs and business profits, and introduces innovative risk-hedging strategies proven to save millions annually. It will equip top executives with the knowledge to turn operational expenses into a stream of free cash flow, thereby amplifying their firm’s enterprise value.

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