Cynthia Watts Murphy

Transformational Coach and Speaker, Life Mastery Consultant, Author

About Cynthia

Cynthia is the founder Love Your Legacy Coaching LLC, a certified Life Mastery Coach, speaker, and co-author of the international bestselling book, Short, Sweet & Sacred, Vol.2. She has successfully raised three neuro-diverse children who are confident, independent, and finding their way to lives they love. Through an interesting evolution from professional dancer to overwhelmed mom to kidney donor to life coach, Cynthia has leveraged her experience and skill set to help mothers who know there’s more for them to enjoy freedom and fulfillment.
She believes that too many mothers are drowning in overwhelm, lost in their roles, and feel too tired and guilty to prioritize their well-being and dreams.
Over the past 30 years, Cynthia has worked as a wellness professional and coach, helping women create an authentic life-work and wellness balance and live a life they love and are proud of. 
With keen awareness training, proven tools, and compassionate support, Cynthia’s clients are liberated to embrace their unique gifts and talents and create greater authentic success. Cynthia mentors professional and work-at-home mothers to nurture their own dreams and live a life that ignites their soul.
She is on a mission to empower 10,000 moms to create a life and family they love, by 2028.
For over 30 years, Cynthia has dedicated herself to working as a wellness professional and coach. She focuses on helping professional and work-at-home mothers eliminate daily burnout and overwhelm to enjoy more balance, calm and confidence, and live a life they love.


“Today was wonderful! Not only did I get a chance to take a deep breath and look inside myself, but my daughter Sasha was also right there beside me doing the same. Thank you for putting such time and effort into presenting a fabulous workshop.”

— Deb H., Editor & Copywriter

“Cynthia Watts Murphy is one of the most inspiring and motivating people that I know! I love her energy, common sense, and ability to take complex problems and provide easy steps to help you move in the right direction. The quality I love the most about Cynthia is that she is genuinely interested in helping people maximize their potential. She thrives on seeing them make progress and reach their potential!”

— Donna B., Financial Advisor

“I realized that the way I have been living my life is via default, and it made me feel sad to think that is how I’ve been ‘living.’ I have now decided to make a self-correction and design my life and grow as far as I can as a spiritual being living a human experience. I am grateful I met you, Cynthia.”

— Patty H., Corporate Conflict Manager

“I left Cynthia’s workshop feeling empowered, invigorated and grateful! I am so much more attentive to living in the moment and changing negative self-talk into positive affirmation! Cynthia’s ongoing support helps me to ‘raise my vibe’ to achieve my goals and appreciate all of my blessings every day. Thank you!”

— Laura O.S., Registered Nurse

Speaking Topics

The Secret To Manifest A Life You Love And Finally Get The “Me Time” You Crave, Guilt-Free

During this talk, attendees will learn proven strategies, practical tools, and spiritual principles for transforming their most difficult challenges into their most celebrated successes. They will practice the three components of conscious manifestation in their own lives – and feel inspired, motivated, and ready to begin creating the results they really want with greater ease than previously known. Attendees will also walk away with a five-step process to calm the inner critic and install a new success set-point; the #1 key for living a life that restores and ignites the soul; and two essential keys for tuning in to their purpose.

Clarity, Confidence, And Calm: Simple Habits To Eliminate Chronic Overwhelm, Befriend The Inner Critic, And Prioritize Your Own Well-Being And Dreams

This talk is for mothers of school-age, neurodiverse children who want a proven, repeatable system to bring more calm and space into their day and to tune in to their passion and purpose, feeling empowered to live a version of life that “lights them up,” guilt-free. Audience members will learn the strategies and practical tools to create sustainable, life-giving results they are proud of, feeling even more confident and inspired. Attendees will also learn how to discover their true dream and purpose; the #1 tool for bringing more of what they love into their lives; 5-point test for determining if their dream is right for them; simple thinking strategies that will guard them from fear, doubt, and worry; and how to replace the self-sabotage habit with a daily habit success system.

4 Radical Strategies To Rock Your Best Life And Fuel Your “Mommy Mojo” While Nurturing A Happy, Healthy Family

This training is for the mother of an exceptional child who wants to break the cycle of “self-sacrifice over self-care” and bloom into the more-than-good-enough mother and the sexy, confident woman she truly is. Audience members will learn simple steps that repeatedly and predictably create powerful shifts in levels of confidence, clarity, and quality of life in measurable ways. Attendees will also walk away with the essential keys for getting their lives back and loving it; how to use the “results formula” to build the life they want; how to transform the inner critic into the inner celebrant; and the two things they must know in order to claim their best lives and unleash their inner goddess. At the end of this session, attendees will be inspired and primed to design and enjoy a whole new level of fulfilled living!

Empowering Mothers To Live A Life They Love While Fulfilling Their Responsibilities
For over 30 years, Cynthia has dedicated herself to working as a wellness professional and coach. Her focus is on helping women simplify their responsibilities and prioritize their own dreams without neglecting their children’s needs, enabling them to live a life they love and are proud of.

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