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Communication And Leadership Coach

About Dale

Dale Roberts is an experienced communication and leadership coach, and he has dedicated his life to service and assistance. From a family restaurant to customer service, business, education, and community services including firefighting, EMS, and law enforcement, Dale’s rich background complements his unique 911 concept for business and career guidance.

He is dedicated to empowering people to overcome hurdles, revitalizing passion and clarity, and maximizing resources in fostering future leaders. Like a 911 response, Dale helps individuals recover lost time, make lasting memories, and discover pivotal breakthroughs.
Dale is on a mission to inspire 1,000,000 people to create 1,000,001 new memories by 2033.


“I witnessed Dale educating our community’s youth at the county’s 911 Day. It was great to see how the room full of children was actively engaged while learning about our 911 system. The children enjoyed Dale’s energy and ability to connect with them at a level they understood.”
— Gina Jennings, Finance Director, Chief Operating Officer, Sussex County Govt.
“Dale is a very knowledgeable person, especially in the medical field teaching EMT classes! Dale is a very fun and outgoing individual that I have always enjoyed being around.”
— Holly Donaway, Former Supv., Mid-Sussex Rescue Squad
“Being one of his former pupils, I know Dale is able to energize a room regardless of how mentally bland a topic may be. His attitude, his passion, and his drive all come together to leave a lasting imprint on all he teaches.”
— Nicholas Williams, FF/EMT
“Dale is an amazing teacher. He does everything in his power to make sure that you are connecting with and understanding the material that he is teaching! He also makes his presentations/teaching very interesting and engaging. He pushes you to make sure you succeed in every aspect possible! He is an extraordinary teacher, and I would highly recommend him to anyone!”
— Alexis Short, Former EMT Student

Speaking Topics

Emergency Response To Achieving Your Goals: The 911 Approach

Many people have goals and dreams that they want to achieve, but they face obstacles and challenges that prevent them from making progress. In this talk, Dale shares his unique 911 concept, which helps you become a first responder for your own success. You will discover how to overcome the barriers that hold you back and how to use your existing resources effectively without increasing your team size. By the end of the talk, you will have a customized Discovery Freedom Plan that will empower you to lead your teams with confidence, create an inspiring company culture, and accelerate your journey toward your goals and dreams.

The Power Of Why: How To Discover Your Purpose And Design Your Life

Most people have a general vision of their ideal future, but they struggle to find their “why” and create a plan to achieve it. In this talk, Dale shows you how to reconnect with your purpose and passion and design a roadmap to the life you desire. Attendees will learn how to analyze and adapt the tools they need and how to overcome the obstacles that stop them from moving forward. By the end of the talk, you will have practical strategies that will help you transform your dreams into reality, one step at a time.

How To Be The First Responder For Your Business: Strategies And Tools To Prevent And Solve Problems

Countless business owners face daily challenges and crises that can derail their success and growth. In this talk, Dale teaches you how to be the first responder for your business and how to prevent and solve problems before they escalate. Attendees will learn how to lead by example, focus on what matters most, and embody leadership at any level. They will also learn how to inspire their employees, manage overwhelming tasks, and deal with minor issues before they become major disasters. By the end of the talk, attendees will have a business emergency response toolkit with strategies and tools for any situation, and you will be ready to face and overcome any challenge that comes your way.
Helping People Overcome Obstacles, Reignite Passion, And Nurture Future Leaders
Dale’s passion is to help people overcome obstacles, reignite their passion and clarity, and leverage their resources to nurture future leaders. He has a vision to inspire one million people to create more than one million new memories by 2033.

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