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Escaping the grips of being a ward of the state, bankruptcy, and despair, Dan Johnson rose to become a successful entrepreneur. He now dedicates his life to giving back and supporting others paralyzed by past trauma and failures. His approach focuses on reshaping identity, restoring hope, and redefining practical principles and strategies to help you transform and become everything you desire to be. With an empathetic understanding of trauma-induced feelings of insecurity and rejection, Dan has helped hundreds of small business owners and thousands of individuals across the globe transmute the pains of their failures into the joy of their success, ultimately empowering them to live the life they desire to live.
Dan is now on a mission to empower 100,000 small business owners to achieve financial freedom and impact five million lives in underserved communities by 2034.


“Dan Johnson is probably one of the most brilliant individuals I have ever met. His integrity, vision, and love for family and humanity remind me of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Mandella.”
— Dr. Cindy Trimm, International Speaker
“Dan is the best person I have ever met. He can take your business from ground zero to soaring.”
— Wes York, International Entrepreneur
“I learned so much being in this boot camp with Dan Johnson. I am now controlling my money. I got a $30K raise.”
— Meechi, Bootcamp Attendee
“I was raised in drugs, sex trafficking, and gangs. When considering where I have gone and what I have accomplished in my short-lived 24 years, there has always been one key factor that I must return to when considering my influences. That key factor is Dan Johnson.”
— Pamela Mondane, Realtor, Non-Profit Owner

Speaking Topic

From Setbacks To Success: Transforming Failure Into Your Greatest Strength

Are you battling feelings of failure, inadequacy, and the urge to quit? In his talk, Dan Johnson equips individuals with the tools needed to reshape their narrative and turn perceived failures into strengths. To achieve this transformation, Dan dives deep into mindset, problem-solving strategies, and a fresh outlook on life. Attendees will be able to identify past failures, disconnect from them, and adopt new, empowering identities. Moreover, they’ll take control of their finances using straightforward, practical strategies.
Turn Your Setbacks Into Triumphs, And Reach Financial Independence
Dan has helped hundreds of small business owners and thousands of individuals to turn past failures into new success stories. He is now on a mission to empower 100,000 small business owners to attain financial independence and improve five million lives in underprivileged communities by 2034.

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