Dan Moran

Founder Of Solidan, Consultant, Speaker

About Dan

Dan Moran is the founder of Solidan, a higher education consulting firm, and partner in The Campus VR, a virtual reality campus experience. He led the admissions consulting team for the most significant project for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, supporting over 500,000 students each year. 

He knows the challenges and frustrations that institutions face when their systems are outdated, inefficient, or unreliable. Many colleges and universities struggle to manage admissions, records, and systems effectively. They are frustrated with not having real-time data and are tired of navigating complaints from students and parents. 

That’s why he created a practical approach to help college education leaders implement, customize, and train their staff on the latest and best software solutions. He is dedicated to making higher education systems work seamlessly, enhancing the experience for everyone involved: students, staff, and faculty.

Dan is on a mission to help 5 million university and college students become amazing contributors to society by 2030.



“Solidan Consulting has been a partner with our teams for many years. They have been a part of successful implementations for Campus Solutions and have provided expert resources that we can count on to deliver quality products. They integrate seamlessly with our teams and make the partnership a priority for success.”

— Maureen K., Director, University In Chicago Area

“Thanks to Solidan, our institution has experienced a remarkable boost in accuracy and efficiency. Their expertise and innovative solutions have revolutionized our work, enabling us to deliver exceptional results while streamlining administrative processes.”

— Tom Paret, Enrollment Management’s Director Of IT, UMass Amherst

“Solidan has a knowledgeable and skilled bench of consultants covering PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, PeopleCode, integration, and Technolution’s Slate. Dan and the Solidan consultants focus on our success by streamlining business processes and delivering much-needed new functionality. Solidan consistently delivers results that far exceed expectations with its straightforward approach. Solidan’s consultants have become part of our higher education family and are committed to our ongoing success.”

— Susan M., Massachusetts Public Institution

“I cannot say enough great things about my experience with our partners at Solidan. They are seasoned practitioners of Slate, which is one of many attributes differentiating them from the plethora of Slate consulting agencies. They have a keen understanding of the higher education process and procedures because of their longevity of working in higher education. Their guidance is ensuring that Slate will work for us over the long term, helping us avoid many painful pitfalls down the road that are unnecessary losses of time, money, and energy. Their customer service is top-notch, as they understand what we are going through since they have lived it themselves. They are extraordinary collaborators, providing real-time, real-world solutions resulting in efficient implementation and increased productivity. Working with Solidan is one of the best investment decisions we have made.”

— Elan Turcotte-Shamski, Director Of Admissions And Operations

Speaking Topic

Optimizing Higher Education Systems: A New Era Of Efficiency

Many higher education institutions are unhappy with the results of their consulting projects. They spend a lot of money and time on improving their admissions, records, and systems, but don’t see any significant changes. They are left with outdated software, inefficient processes, and dissatisfied students and staff. In his talk, Dan shows you how to break free from the consulting trap and achieve a new level of efficiency and effectiveness.

He teaches you how to:

  • Find and implement real solutions that work for your institution 
  • Save time and resources by streamlining your planning and execution
  • Maximize the potential of your software and avoid common pitfalls
  • Create simple systems that are easy to maintain and update
  • Empower your team to handle data and student services with confidence

Prepare to embrace a new era of efficiency in higher education systems!

Optimizing Higher Education Systems And Processes With Technology

Dan Moran is a higher education technology expert who has helped dozens of institutions optimize their systems and processes. His vision is to empower 5 million students by 2030 to achieve their full potential and make a positive impact on the world. 

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