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Speaker, Consultant, Founder of DK Endeavors, Author, Trainer, Mentor

About Darin

Darin Kidd is a global keynote speaker, executive trainer, author, mentor, and coach. He’s been featured in top magazines and publications like Success from Home, and spoken alongside business gurus like Grant Cardone, John Maxwell, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, and Mel Robbins.

He has owned successful franchises, developed multiple online businesses, and has spoken all over the world to audiences as large as 25,000 people. He was a renowned leader in the Network Marketing profession with massive teams all over the world, earning awards for recruiting, retention, and sales.

As a multiple 7-figure entrepreneur and a dad of five, Darin knows the struggle most have of trying to run a business and raise a family. With the right mentorship, Darin believes any entrepreneur can get more customers, earn more profits, and take their business to the next level without sacrificing their health, happiness, and core values.

Darin Kidd is on a mission to speak to and make a positive impact on millions of people in the next 12 months.


“I am a 37-year veteran of the Network Marketing profession…. Have been blessed to earn many millions of dollars. Traveled the world, personally spoke in 28 countries, worked and taught with Bob Proctor who wrote the forward to one of my books, and you are the best speaker that I have encountered.” 

— Dr. Roger Boger

“If you’re looking for someone to transform your people, Darin Kidd is the best speaker you could have.”

— Dr. Fab Mancini

“I can’t recommend Darin enough. Not only can this guy teach you how to become a leader of leaders, but he can help you with social media, help you rank advance, and get tremendous results. This guy has done it. He’s built massive organizations. Honestly, whatever this guy is doing, you want to be a part of it.”

— Rob Sperry

“If I had to describe Darin Kidd with one word in his coaching style, it would be dynamic. He doesn’t just give you the idea to implement immediately; he gives you the vision behind it and makes you believe that you can make it happen. And with his coaching, you can see the progress, not just day to day, but week to week, month to month.”

— Amanda Call

Speaking Topics

The Sky's The Limit: 3 Strategies To Building A Business And Life That Matches Your Dreams

During this presentation, attendees will get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to win big! And guess what? It’s not what you think. If you have been struggling and trying to figure out what comes next, or why others are successful and you are not, Darin explains how your next big dream is within your reach and how you can get there.

Audience members will learn how to transform their mindset and boost their productivity and performance to achieve higher profits. They will also learn how to leverage systems to duplicate themselves and the best techniques for staying motivated and “on track” to reach their goals.

The Power Of The 3 P’s: 3 Strategies To Growing Your Business Without Working More

For business owners and leaders who are ready to grow, but worry the only way to do that is by working more. During this talk, you will learn the power of the three P’s: Performance, Productivity, and Profits, and how to implement them into your business WITHOUT working more. When implemented correctly, every business leader can grow.  

3 Key Strategies To Build A Massive And Profitable Organization Without Burnout

For those who want to grow their network, customer base, and business presence all while establishing themselves as a leader in their industry. It’s frustrating when you are trying to get to the next level, and it’s like no one is willing to tell you what exactly you need to do to get there. During this presentation, you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to build a massive and profitable organization that you can wake up feeling good about every single day. 

Level up your business, focus on what matters, and create the life you want

Helping business professionals and entrepreneurs reach their full potential so they never have to feel like they have to sacrifice the things that mean the most to them.

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