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Dee Li, founder of DeelightfulVegan, offers invaluable insights and practical guidance to support new vegans in overcoming dietary challenges. Attendees will benefit from Dee’s engaging coaching style and actionable tips, leaving them motivated to embrace a nourishing and sustainable vegan diet.

Dee Li

Dee guides new vegans through the challenges of meal planning and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, helping them lose weight, simplify meal prep, and add exciting variety to their diets, so they wake up feeling more energized than ever. Dee’s mission is to inspire one million people to embrace and sustain a vibrant vegan lifestyle by 2028.
Dee Li, founder of DeelightfulVegan, transitioned from an avid meat-eater to an enthusiastic vegan health coach. They help new vegans navigate dietary challenges, offering guidance on everything from meal preparation to maintaining a nourishing lifestyle. Dee’s personalized coaching and extensive recipe collection empower clients struggling to lose weight and have no idea where to start their new vegan journey. Their approach focuses on food as a form of healing, with the added benefit of lessening environmental impact.
Dee’s mission is to motivate one million individuals to adopt and maintain a healthy vegan lifestyle by 2028.


“Dee is a person who is passionate about their craft. A true foodie at heart, Dee is happiest sharing their love of vegan food with those around them. Transitioning into a vegan or more plant-based lifestyle can be daunting, but Dee has found a way to make it fun, interesting, and most importantly, tasty. They’ve compiled an arsenal of yummy recipes to try, a long roster of vegan or vegan-friendly purveyors, and a whole list of delicious local restaurants to try.”
— Kristyna Caspelich, Finance Specialist
“I usually eat vegan once in a while but never have committed fully to a vegetarian or vegan diet. I believe that a healthy diet comes from the appropriate care and growth of the ingredients. Dee has shared their enthusiasm for being a vegan and the different healthy lifestyle choices. They have inspired me to continue improving my daily decisions, which include exercising daily and eating vegan food more often.”
— Alan Marquez, Engineer
“As a professional chef for over 40 years, I have an appreciation and respect for all types of food and cuisines. However, it has only been through Dee’s passion and knowledge that my eyes have been opened to the possibilities of actually eating vegan. Dee is relentless in their desire to promote veganism. This speaks volumes to their perseverance, passion, and commitment to what they believe. I have no doubt that they will achieve their dream business.”
— Jon Hale, Chef

Speaking Topics

The Spice Of Vegan Life: Mastering Flavorful & Healthy Eating Without Missing Meat

Break away from the misconception that veganism lacks variety with Dee Li, who will guide you through a world of nutritious and flavorful eating. This talk is perfect for newcomers to veganism, aiming to expand their meal options beyond the predictable green salads. Dee shares tips for managing weight, creating delicious dishes without fuss, and energizing one’s mornings. Attendees will be able to demystify the vegan kitchen, spot essential ingredients, identify foods to avoid for better health, and walk away with a comprehensive nutrition checklist for engaging and hearty daily meals.

What Vegan Options Are There? Your #1 Guide To Eating Out As Vegan

Dining out need not derail your vegan journey. Join Dee Li on a culinary expedition that showcases the joy of vegan dining across any locale. From the heart of bustling cities to the quiet of the countryside, learn how to discover vegan treasures, carry diner-friendly vegan snacks, and easily articulate your dietary choices. This talk is your essential guide for every vegan to eat on the go, providing practical advice and clever hacks to preserve your plant-based lifestyle no matter where your cravings lead you.

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