Deidre Gestrin

Founder Of Abundant Wellness Essentials, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

About Deidre

Deidre Gestrin is the founder of Abundant Wellness Essentials. She is a Certified Health Coach and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who understands the challenges of a high-performing career. She has worked with private and governmental contracts, such as the Idaho Department of Corrections, to help their valuable employees conquer burnout and exhaustion. She has a keen understanding of employee efficiency, along with strategists, to empower employees to feel more confident and focused in their personal and professional lives. She has guided individuals through a process to become clear-minded, decisive, and energized in all aspects of life.
Deidre is on a mission to help 50,000 high-achieving professionals conquer burnout and thrive in their current careers by 2026.


“Deidre was able to help me get my clinical spark back!”
— Beth Derickson, LCSW
“She helped me work through depression, stress, and burnout. Before working with Deidre, my life was chaotic. I didn’t have control over my emotions. I didn’t have faith in myself. My boundaries would come off as aggressive. I was overworked and under-appreciated. In working with Deidre, I have learned coping skills and implemented them. I feel like I’m at a 90% success rate.”
— Chris Grad, Business Owner, Entrepreneur
“Deidre helped me get to the point where I am today.”
— Michelle Schmutlzer, Psychiatric Tech Worker

Speaking Topics

Stress Less: 3 No-Cost Solutions To Time Management

Burnout is a common problem for many professionals. They want to balance their work and life, but they feel overwhelmed by their busy schedules. They need to manage their time better, but they don’t know how. In this talk, Deidre shares her three no-cost solutions to time management. She shows the audience how to use practical and effective tools to be more productive and focused at work and more relaxed and joyful at home. Attendees will walk away feeling more confident, more resilient, and happier.

Conquer Burnout In 90 Days Or Less: Optimize Your Sleep, Energy, And Boundaries For Better Work Performance And Happiness

Burnout is a serious problem for many professionals. They feel exhausted, frustrated, and unhappy with their current job. They want to regain their passion and satisfaction for their work. In this talk, Deidre shares her proven methods to conquer burnout in 90 days or less. She shows the audience how to manage stress and let off steam to think clearly and make confident decisions. The audience will discover how to optimize their sleep quality, boost their energy, and establish boundaries to improve their confidence and efficiency.
Manage Stress, Boost Energy, And Love Your Work
Deidre is a Certified Health Coach and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who knows the challenges of a high-performing career and how to navigate them to thrive. She has a vision to help 50,000 professionals overcome burnout and excel in their work by 2026.

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