Inspiring Clarity And Confidence In Women Entrepreneurs

Deidrea Kiesling brings over three decades of corporate and entrepreneurial expertise to help women transition from feeling stuck to becoming unstoppable. Her sessions are designed to leave women feeling empowered and equipped with actionable strategies to build a life and business they love.

Deidrea Kiesling

With over three decades of experience in corporate America, Deidrea Kiesling successfully launched and grew a thriving business from the ground up. She now empowers women to break free from the status quo and embark on a fulfilling new chapter in their lives.
Deidrea Kiesling, the founder and CEO of The Dream Academy and the voice behind The Success Minded Woman podcast, specializes in transforming women entrepreneurs from stuck to unstoppable. With a history of over three decades in corporate America and repeated courage to venture into entrepreneurship, Deidrea has distilled her experiences into her groundbreaking GPS for Success coaching program. She assists women who are feeling overwhelmed to discover clarity, focus, and confidence in their personal and professional lives. Deidrea’s methods not only unveil the path to identifying and achieving one’s dreams and goals but also reignite the belief in the power of vision. Committed to advocating that it’s never too late to pursue a life of purpose, Deidrea Kiesling embodies the essence of empowerment, inspiring women to reclaim their dreams and assert that they, and their dreams, matter profoundly.
Deidrea is on a mission to empower one million women to create the life and business of their dreams by 2034.


“Deidrea is an uplifting and powerful speaker. Her story of wanting to become a coach and living her dream is inspirational. She guides you through a process that really makes you think about your goals in life, but she does it with such grace and kindness that you no longer feel hopeless and lost. I encourage anyone with the chance to hear her speak to run to that event!”
— Melissa Day, CEO Of The Other Day Marketing
“Deidrea has an incredible way of imparting wisdom. She reinforced that we don’t need to have every step mapped out before pursuing our dreams. It’s all about crafting our future vision and taking that first step. If you’re seeking direction and clarity in your life, I can’t recommend Deidrea enough.”
— Lenora Stein, Brand Photographer
“Working with Deidrea has literally changed my life! Thank you for opening my eyes to a whole new way of living and thinking on purpose.”
— Misty Hastenstaub, Life & Business Coach

Speaking Topics

Blueprint For Boldness: Design And Live Your Dream Life Without Second-Guessing Yourself Ever Again

Many women entrepreneurs struggle with the overwhelming pressure of balancing their ambitions with self-doubt and uncertainty. Deidrea Kiesling’s transformative presentation addresses these challenges head-on, offering a groundbreaking approach to not only envisioning but also living a life filled with purpose and joy. Attendees will walk away with a clear, actionable plan to confidently navigate their personal and professional journeys, equipped with the tools to embrace their transformation and face challenges with unwavering courage.

Unstoppable: From Stagnation To Transformation In 3 Steps

Female entrepreneurs often find themselves at a standstill, grappling with inaction and uncertainty. In “Unstoppable,” Deidrea Kiesling addresses the crucial junctions of stagnation many women entrepreneurs face and how they can overcome it. Focusing on moving from inaction to dynamic growth, this talk explores practical strategies for fostering clarity, overcoming fear, and stepping into a place of power and productivity. Deidrea brings a wealth of insights into finding your rhythm, building momentum, and leveraging personal and professional setbacks as opportunities for profound personal transformation.

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