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CEO Of Dental Fractional CMO Services, LLC

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About Derk

Derk Hebdon is the CEO of Dental Fractional CMO Services, LLC, a company that orchestrates and executes comprehensive, high-impact marketing strategies for dental practices. Having helped hundreds of dentists augment their practices by consistently filling appointment slots, Derk has improved his clients’ lives by refining their business and marketing approaches.
As an accomplished fractional CMO, Derk notably contributed to the impressive profitability of an Atlanta-based dentist by acquiring 386 new patients in just one month. By driving an influx of appointments, he simultaneously generates a substantial impact on both his clients’ livelihoods and the lives of those in their communities. Derk’s clients consistently enjoy a patient acquisition rate of 55 to 100 new individuals weekly.
Derk is on a mission to help over 40,000 dental CEOs worldwide scale their practices to 8 figures and make a positive impact on hundreds of thousands of people by 2030.


“Derk’s comprehensive marketing system that he put together and implemented has made a huge difference in my dental and my orthodontic practices. We now average between 75 and 100 new patients every week!”

— Dr. Kay Kalantari, Dentist in Atlanta
“Very good product and service, and would recommend to anyone who would want a great professional reputation and a lot of new patients. I’ve been with Derk for over 5 years now!”
— Dr. James Franklin, Doctor
“Derk was amazing to work with. I was hesitant at first as there are so many scams out there. But he has come through on every meeting and promise that was made. This is a powerful turn-key package of benefits for any practice to survive and thrive in today’s high-tech world. I give them my highest recommendation!”
— Dr. Scott Peterson, Doctor
“Their platform of not only branding but also marketing my practice transcends anything else on the market today! They have built a circuitous method of reaching my patients which is revolutionary and extremely effective. I would highly recommend their system to anyone who is looking to take the leap into the 21st century’s new marketing platform!”
— Dr. Brett Purdom, Doctor

Speaking Topics

Effortlessly Secure New Patients: How To Attract 50-100 New Faces Weekly

Dentists often face the challenge of attracting new patients and filling empty chairs. They may hire an agency to handle their marketing but end up with disappointing results and wasted money. They may feel frustrated and overwhelmed by the complexity and competition of dental practice marketing. That’s why Derk Hebdon has created a straightforward process that can help dentists effortlessly secure 50-100 new patients weekly. In this talk, he leads attendees through a step-by-step method that focuses on five core marketing areas that dentists often overlook: reputation, social media, paid and organic traffic, content funnels, and automation. By the end of this talk, attendees will have the knowledge and skills to conquer dental practice marketing and grow their businesses, breaking the cycle of hiring and firing agencies as they take control of their own marketing success.

Halt The Havoc: Three Uncomplicated Tactics To Retain Patients And Secure Lifelong Loyalty

One of the biggest challenges that dentists face is retaining their patients and securing their loyalty. Many patients may switch to another dentist, forget to book their appointments, or lose interest in their treatments. How can dentists prevent this from happening and keep their patients happy and loyal? In this talk, Derk outlines three effective methods to rekindle past relationships and motivate previous patients to return for further treatments. Attendees will walk away knowing how to embrace outbound marketing, the best communication sequences that retain patient interest, and the art of presenting offers to keep patients informed, engaged, and loyal to their services.

Win More Patients And Scale Your Dental Practice
Derk Hebdon is a dental marketing expert who has helped hundreds of dentist and orthodontic CEOs win 55 to 85 new additional patients weekly. He has a vision to help over 40,000 dental CEOs worldwide scale their practices to 8 figures and make a positive impact on hundreds of thousands of people by 2030.

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