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Co-Founder Of Hitch Fit, Co-Owner Of SoulFIT Retreats, Author, Coach

About Diana

Diana Chaloux-LaCerte is the proud owner of Hitch Fit, an online fitness service that helps people get in shape worldwide. With over 100 TV appearances to her name, she’s no stranger to the camera. You may have seen her on Access Muscle on Amazon Prime, or in fitness and business magazines like Oxygen, Muscle & Fitness, HERS, and Thinking Bigger. She has kick-started a change to shake the weight loss world alongside her husband and business partner, Micah. Diana has coached hundreds of clients in over 80 countries, who have cumulatively shed over 600,000 pounds.

Diana is now on an ambitious mission to help one million motivated women build strength and confidence, love themselves, transform their bodies, and be empowered to live their best lives.


“I was delighted to have Diana present at our No More Excuses, Only Results empowerment conference. Diana truly excelled, sharing her inspiring journey. Her compelling message emphasized the intertwined nature of health and wealth in achieving success.”
— Marquita Miller-Joshua, Host Of No More Excuses, Only Results And National Speaker

“Anyone looking at having Diana speak to their audience live, virtual, or through a podcast will not regret their decision. I had Diana on my podcast, and she was one of the easiest guests to interview. She could speak to so many different topics, including business, entrepreneurship, health and fitness, philanthropy, personal development, and faith. She is clear and confident in her delivery. She brought so much energy and a few tears, and she wasn’t afraid to play all-out leaving everybody who listened feeling so inspired by her story! I’ve already shared her with a bunch of other speaking opportunities with glowing reviews, and can promise you won’t regret having her.”

— Randy Molland, Founder Of The GoBigToGiveBig podcast

“Diana is one of my favorite humans! If you ever get a chance to spend time with her — DO IT!!! She is so kind, loving, patient, and merciful, and she will certainly pour wisdom into your life. I have known Diana for close to fifteen years. I have known her as a friend, a coach to so many people I know and care about, a speaker, a prayer leader, and a wife to one of my best friends. She is a powerhouse businesswoman who leads with energy, strength, compassion, and wisdom.”

— Markus Kaulius, Global Speaker, Entrepreneur, And Author
“An exceptional speaker and published author, Diana’s discipline, scientific knowledge of the human body, and unwavering support have guided me through remarkable transformations. Diana has been my coach since 2017 and has had a profound impact on my life. From everyday fitness to preparing for a world bodybuilding competition, her guidance has been invaluable. Her approach is both easily comprehensible and non-judgmental, creating an environment of accountability and growth.”


Speaking Topics

How Big Is Your “But”: Eliminate Excuses And Unlock Your True Potential

Many women over 40 struggle with body image, weight loss, and self-confidence. They often have self-doubting “buts” that hold them back from achieving their health and fitness goals and happiness. In this talk, you will discover how to eliminate these excuses and unlock your true potential. You will laugh and cry as we explore your unique story and design methods to create your dream life and the body you deserve. Attendees will walk away with actionable tools to overcome negative mindsets, the exact actions to take daily to change their bodies, and how to develop new habits that will allow them to achieve and sustain their goals.

Business Of Your Body: Becoming CEO Of Your Health And Fitness

In the fast-paced world of business, it’s all too common for strong, accomplished women to prioritize everything else while neglecting their own health and fitness. It’s time to shift the focus back to yourself and take charge of your well-being. In this talk, Diana shows you how to apply the same principles that have made you a leader in your field to your personal health. You will learn the key traits that can help you excel in both areas, and the mindset shifts that can create your ultimate success plan. Attendees will leave this talk armed with a comprehensive blueprint to become the CEO of their health and fitness. They will discover the integral relationship between personal well-being and career success, the strategies to incorporate them effortlessly, and how to venture towards a balanced life. It’s not too late to become the CEO of your own health!

The Truth About Weight Loss: Learn The Blueprint For Sustainable Results

Many women are frustrated with the endless cycle of temporary diets and weight fluctuations. They want to lose weight for good, but they don’t know how. They think they have to starve themselves or sweat for hours to see results. This talk reveals the real secret to sustainable weight loss, and it’s not what you think. If you are ready to stop feeling sick and tired of your health, fitness, and weight, this talk is for you. Diana will expose the lies about long-term weight management and teach you practical ways to take charge of your health and body. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of effective weight loss, which is not merely confined to diet and exercise but encompasses holistic lifestyle changes. They will be able to break the chains of despair and inconsistency and start building the road to sustainable wellness.
Transform Your Mindset, Habits, And Body For Life
Since 2009, Diana has been a catalyst for change for hundreds of clients across 81 countries, helping them lose over 600,000 pounds of fat. Her vision is to inspire and empower one million women to transform their bodies and unleash their full potential.

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