Diane Salman

Founder Of Hope Foundation, Business Consultant, Real Estate Broker

About Diane

Diane Salman is a seasoned business consultant and real estate broker, distinguished for building successful start-ups and aiding Christian business professionals in overcoming emotional and financial struggles. With her wealth of corporate experience, Master of Business, and deep Christian faith, she helps clients navigate life crises, cultivate resilience, and let go of negativity. Her empathetic coaching approach is fueled by her own experiences, making her guidance personal and impactful. Through spiritual healing and business acumen, Diane paves the way for her clients to achieve financial stability and embrace abundant living.
Diane is on a mission to help one million Christians respond to God’s calling so that they can find the true meaning and joy that comes from being disciples of Christ by 2026.


“I have known Diane Salman for 13 years. She is a sweet and kind-hearted person who always greets me with cheer. She helped me when I was going through a divorce and losing everything. She offered me support, food, and shelter as a total stranger. She still has a big heart and is always there to help others in need. She is a good Christian woman who believes in what she does and says. I am proud to endorse Diane Salman.”
— R.D., Engineer
“Thank you for all your care, kindness, and support over the last year! You’ve always been someone I look up to as a mom and successful entrepreneur! I am grateful to have had your strength and guidance. You are such a great friend.”
— K.G., Partner At 33 Seven

“I will tell you Diane has been my confidant, my ‘go-to’ person when I am down, when I am not sure what to do, when I’m confused and stressed, and when I want to sell everything and just disappear. Diane has been one person that I call, and somewhere, somehow, she has managed to just be Diane and figure out some kind of way to explain my worry at the time. She always takes the calls and always takes the time to listen. She is great at troubleshooting a problem and working with me to get a positive outcome. Diane is just amazing. She is a professional who brings a wealth of knowledge, a Christian who is compassionate to do what God has called her to. Seriously amazing — in fact, I think amazing is not even the right word.”

— Registered Nurse

Speaking Topics

Embracing Faith-Driven Success: A Christian Guide To A Life Of Happiness, Joy, and Purpose

Many Christians feel emotionally unstable and unfulfilled in their lives. They may have achieved worldly success, but they still feel unhappy, restless, or empty. They may crave a deeper connection with God and a higher purpose for their lives. This talk will help you discover how to embrace faith-driven success through a Christian guide to a life of happiness, joy, and purpose. Diane outlines how to address the root causes of your emotional instability and find balance, how to rejuvenate your resilience through faith and trust in God’s plan for your life, how to find satisfaction beyond material possessions and worldly achievements, and how to unleash the power of faith to fill the voids that wealth cannot bridge. Attendees will leave feeling motivated, empowered, and ready to pursue their next chapter in life with confidence and clarity.

Unlock Financial Stability: A Christian Business Owner's Guide That No One Is Talking About

Christian business owners often face a dilemma: how to pursue financial stability without compromising their faith and values. They may struggle with limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that hold them back from achieving their full potential. They may wonder if it is okay for Christians to create wealth, or if they are being greedy or materialistic. In her talk, Diane outlines how to overcome the limiting beliefs and negative thoughts around money and how to leverage your God-given talents to achieve financial stability. Attendees will walk away from this presentation with a newfound perspective on wealth creation, the difference between money and possessions, and how to navigate the challenges and opportunities of being a Christian business owner in a secular world.

Helping Christians In Crisis Build Resilience And Find Joy in Life

Diane is a coach who helps Christians in crisis find peace and strength in the midst of anxiety, depression, and uncertainty. She has a goal to help one million Christians hear and obey God’s calling by 2026 and enjoy the true meaning and joy of being disciples of Christ.

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