Dionne Boyd

CEO Of DB Coaching And Consulting Services, LLC, Human Resource Leader For Over 15 Years

About Dionne

Dionne Boyd is a seasoned leader with over 15 years of experience in human resources. As the founder and CEO of DB Coaching and Consulting Services, Dionne is dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes overcome the challenges of high turnover, cultural issues, and the high cost of acquiring staff. Dionne’s impressive track record includes launching the first-ever diversity and inclusion initiative at a large organization, paving the way for others to follow suit. Today, she provides small and medium-sized businesses with a full assessment of their organization, along with customized strategies that drive effective and inclusive culture, enhance brand reputation, and ultimately save money. With Dionne’s guidance, these organizations are able to retain staff, lead their industries, and make a lasting impact in their communities.

Dionne is on a mission to empower 100 small/medium-sized leading-edge organizations to create an environment filled with connection, contribution, and wellness so that work can be fun, and the organization can make a bigger impact by 2033.


“Dionne knows how to form great partnerships based on trust… She is an excellent communicator, listening to and appropriately challenging individuals in ways that help them grow. Dionne is smart, a critical thinker, and has a lot of wisdom to offer any client.” 

— Darcy Semple, VP, Talent Management And Development

“Amazing! Good listener, passionate, educated, business savvy…very helpful! My business was spiraling and your assistance helped me keep my doors open, at least mentally. I felt like you were fighting on my side right there with me…which I needed because I felt like an island alone.”  

— CEO And Founder Of HealthCare Company

“I have no idea where to begin… Thank you does not seem anywhere near adequate to cover the realm of support and growth that you have facilitated. Every conversation with you always felt like you were holding up a mirror and allowing for moments of self-reflection and self-discovery. I know that was in theory your job, but you need to know that you are very, very good at it. I could not have achieved an ounce of what I did without you. Thank you for being so patient, kind, entertaining, and wise.” 

— Kelly Jayne, Physician Assistant

“The visioning exercise is helpful because it takes the messiness of planning out for a moment and focuses on the feeling of achievement as a motivator to plan strategically.” 


Speaking Topics

Achieving Lasting Success: 3 Strategies To Outsmart Your Competition

In today’s fast-paced business world, leaders face an uphill battle trying to keep up with the competition while maintaining their company’s values and culture. For COOs, CEOs, and CHROs, making critical decisions and implementing changes can feel like a fruitless endeavor. In Dionne’s talk, she outlines three powerful strategies to help create a competitive advantage, increase speed and innovation, and retain key players. Attendees will walk away with the steps they need to drive speed both inside and outside their organization, clarity on what needs to be done to accelerate their products to market, and what they can do to motivate and retain KEY players to reach the next level in their busineses WITHOUT sacrificing the company’s core values.

3 Steps To Have Joy At Work And Empower Your Organization

Many organizations struggle with creating a positive and inclusive company culture, leaving employees feeling undervalued and disengaged. In this powerful keynote, HR expert Dionne Boyd shares her three-step framework for empowering organizations to cultivate joy at work. Her strategies will help foster a sense of belonging, increase engagement, and create a workplace where everyone feels valued and empowered to make an impact. Attendees will leave this talk with clarity on how to identify early symptoms of burnout in both themselves and team members; what it means to have joy again and how the workplace is the first stop in creating that thriving space others want to be in; and what it means to create an environment built on inclusion and equality, and why it matters to their organization. From top-level executives to entry-level employees, this talk is a must-attend for anyone looking to create a culture of joy and empowerment in the workplace.

Your Culture Is Killing You: 3 Steps To Lead Your Industry On Innovation, Retention & Inclusion

Creating a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) foundation in a company is one challenge; expanding it can prove to be even more difficult. In her talk, Dionne Boyd shows leaders who are ready to deepen and expand the foundations of DEI within their company what steps they need to take to do it and do it right. She shares valuable insights on how to expand the foundations of DEI and create an inclusive workplace that drives innovation, retention, and inclusion. Attendees will gain clarity on how to identify early symptoms of burnout in both themselves and team members; how to correctly expand the foundations within the workplace of DEI; what it means to create an environment built on inclusion and equality, and why it matters to their organization. 

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