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Domonica Glenn is a trusted authority in guiding individuals toward reclaiming their sense of purpose and reviving their forgotten aspirations. Her support and guidance will leave your attendees inspired to craft futures that reflect their deepest desires and values rather than settling for undesirable circumstances.

Domonica Glenn

Domonica Glenn is the catalyst for transformation, steering parents to unearth their latent passions and rekindle their inner flame, leading them on a path to a life rich with purpose. She is dedicated to awakening the dormant dreams of 100,000 individuals by 2028, and turning aspirations into realities.
Domonica Glenn, the CEO of True Results Coaching, has dedicated her life’s work to bridging critical voids in childcare and early education. Beyond providing support to parents swamped by daily demands, she specializes in guiding parents and individuals toward rediscovering and realizing their dormant dreams. Many families she assists, particularly those with military backgrounds facing the complex shift to civilian life, find in her a beacon of hope. She helps parents reclaim their sense of purpose, empowering them to revive their forgotten aspirations and find the courage to pursue them. Through her unwavering support, families are inspired to craft futures that reflect their deepest desires and values, rather than leaving it to fate.
Domonica is on a mission to reignite 100,000 dreamers by 2028.


“I’ve always known Domonica Glenn to be a go-getter type of person. She has always spoken of being her own boss and being an entrepreneur. I am very happy to see when she realized and accomplished this major goal in her life. By opening her daycare center in 2018, she has made me so very proud. She also has her own real estate company, owns several properties and holds investments in syndication deals. I mention these things because when I met her, these were just ideas forming in her head. I have witnessed her put ideas into motion and watch the seeds produce fruit.”
— Cheryl
“I want to share my deepest gratitude for everything you have done for me. Your unwavering support and belief in my abilities have meant the world to me. I shared my struggles with you, and you saw the way through them. I needed someone who believed in me more than I believed in myself, and you were there for me. I will always be grateful to you and your wisdom.”
— Debra
“As a coach, Domonica has been able to help keep me accountable for my goals and was able to give me new and creative ways to help cultivate a greater, more powerful me. She is like a ray of sunshine as she is caring and can bring on the heat.”
— Kristal

Speaking Topics

Parenthood Unmasked: Finding Your North Star Amidst The Chaos

Parenthood can often feel like a relentless whirlwind, leaving many parents feeling disoriented and disconnected from their true selves. Amidst the chaos of daily responsibilities, it can be easy to lose sight of one’s personal passions and sense of identity. However, this keynote presentation offers a transformative journey for parents seeking to reclaim their North Star. In her talk, Domonica outlines ways to overcome your disorientation, help you achieve mental clarity, and rebuild a fulfilling life that harmonizes parental duties and personal passions. It’s all about simplifying the road map to a more balanced life. Attendees will learn how to understand and own their value, exude confidence with their unique offering to the world, and carve a new fulfilling path that aligns with their self-rediscovery.

Mastering The Civilian Transition: The 3 P's Guide For Veterans

The transition from military service to civilian life can often feel like navigating uncharted territory, leaving many veterans feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about their next steps. However, this keynote offers a transformative guide to mastering this pivotal life change. Join our military veteran guide Domonica as she edifies the code to transitioning from service to civilian life with the 3 P’s: Plan, Pace, and Participate. She shows how to use the skills honed in the forces to navigate this new terrain. Could it be for an aspiring teacher or caregiver, or simply for the serviceman/woman transitioning to civilian life? This talk makes that transition less treacherous and more adventure-filled for all who attend. Attendees will learn the value of strategic planning and useful resources like “TAP,” how to pace their transition over 12-18 months for optimal success, and ways to engage effectively in personal activities or events that propel them toward their desired future.

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