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In the fast-paced, high-stress world we live in, true family connections are often lost. Dorina Lantella, mother of six and a staunch advocate of family meals, aims to change that. With 30 years of experience in nurturing holistic health within her family, she knows firsthand the power of the dining table as a vital connection point.
Against the backdrop of modern pressures, Dorina emphasizes how food keeps us connected, aiding families in reclaiming the vital bonds often lost in the hustle of today’s world.
Utilizing her Roseto Effect method, she encourages disconnected families to return to the table, transforming meal times into opportunities for deeper connections, strengthened bonds, and stress relief.
Dorina is on a mission to impact one million families through her “back to the table” strategy by 2027!


“Dorina is a crackerjack teacher who brings the most out of her students. She is thoughtful of their needs and creates a safe learning environment where all feel welcome and ready to learn and participate. She even has a unique ability to write real-world housewife experiences that add to the fun and realism of her teaching. Her ability to cook better than most restaurant head cooks and teach with humility and caring sets her apart. I give Dorina five wooden spoons of approval.”
— W. Ward, Business Analyst
“Dorina’s passion for the art of cooking is contagious and inspiring. I have gained so much confidence in my kitchen. When friends ask about my cooking experience, I share that I watch Dorina’s YouTube channel and participate in her video courses and they are surprised! I am excited to possibly join Dorina on one of her trips to Italy and experience her cooking and life lessons firsthand. She is a chef whose impact goes far beyond the plate and has a clear affinity for bringing families like mine together.”
— Mark Anderson, Project Manager
“I’m 15 years old. I thought sitting at the table with a bunch of people and talking would be boring. I had my iPhone ready. But I never used it! It wasn’t boring at all. It’s really nice to sit with a bunch of friends and family and hear about what everybody’s doing and put your two cents in. Dorina says this is what people did all the time years ago. I think they should do it all the time now. So does she. It’s a really great way to feel connected to everybody. And her food was really great too!”
— Lenny F., Student
“I’ve known Dorina for almost 10 years now. I’ve found her to be a gifted teacher who has a wonderfully unique and refreshing way of looking at things. Her passion and enthusiasm are infectious and shine through in whatever she does. I’m sure she will enrich your life just as she has enriched mine.”
— Mike Masiello, Sr. Engineer Manager

Speaking Topic

Reconnecting Over Dinner:
Redefine Family Time In A Technology-Driven World

In today’s fast-paced and technology-packed routine, it’s easy to overlook simple yet profound traditions that once grounded us. As families juggle chaos with minimal personal connections, this talk resonates with the need to go back to those simpler times. Let’s identify the rituals from our own heritage, faith, and family that bestow a sense of grounding, stability, and togetherness, and discover how they can be refreshed within our modern family lives! Attendees will gain an appreciation for the significance of family togetherness via shared meals, along with a framework to transform the dinner table into a haven inviting and engaging for all.
The “Back To The Table” Strategy: A Simple Way To Strengthen Your Family Bonds
With 30 years of experience, six kids, and a kitchen full of memories, Dorina’s mastered the art of nourishing not just bodies but also hearts and souls. Now, she’s sharing the recipe for family connection, aiming to seat one million families “back to the table” by 2027.

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