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Co-Founder Of A2Z Educational Consultants Inc., 4 Decades Of Experience In Education

About Dorothea

Dorothea Williams, the accomplished co-founder of A2Z Educational Consultants, Inc. brings an extensive and illustrious background spanning over four decades. As a former teacher and school district administrator, Dorothea possesses invaluable insights into the intricate dynamics of educational institutions. Recognizing the urgent need for a heightened focus on student achievement, she channels her expertise to empower administrators in both urban and suburban districts.

Dorothea’s remarkable proficiency lies in crafting tailor-made, innovative solutions that cater to the unique challenges faced by each district. Her unwavering commitment to personalized approaches has yielded astounding results, transforming over 50 schools and leaving an indelible impact on the lives of more than 6,500 students. Moreover, her guidance has propelled the growth and excellence of over 300 teachers and administrators, solidifying her reputation as an unrivaled authority in the realm of educational consulting. Dorothea Williams is the trusted catalyst for sustainable and remarkable improvements in student achievement and teacher performance.
Dorothea is on a mission to accelerate the achievement and success of 1 million students through enhanced teacher and administrator performance by 2028.


“I have really enjoyed my time working with Dorothea and A2Z. She has really helped my staff see gaps in our instruction and problem-solve ways we can meet the needs of our students. My staff and students are moving, greatly in part to our partnership and the growing conversations we have had with Dorothea and her team from A2Z.”
— Rianne Aguilar, Principal, Marion, Indiana
“Dorothea and the A2Z Team were valuable partners and helped our school improve instruction and student outcomes. We built a strong partnership and engaged in conversations around student needs and instructional practices, which was key to improving student achievement. It was wonderful to see that our staff and students benefited from the collaboration.”
— Dominique Brown, Principal, Stockton, CA
“Ms. Williams has been a tremendous support to me as a new principal. Her expertise has assisted me with improving student achievement while building a positive school culture. She is the best!”
— Shonda Calhoun, Principal, Inglewood, CA
“Dorothea Williams and A2Z Educational Consulting are wonderful partners. They have been working in our district for the last two years, and the improvements in the data are nothing short of remarkable. I would highly recommend them for all your educational needs.”

— Keith Burke, Superintendent, Marion, INdiana

Speaking Topics

Mastering The Art Of High Performance: Unleashing The Potential Of Data, Observation, And Leadership For Lasting Educational Excellence

In an era where educational institutions face intense scrutiny, no superintendent desires to witness their school’s name tarnished by low performance on the front page of the newspaper. Maintaining a high-performing school is undoubtedly a formidable endeavor, but the key lies in harnessing the transformative potential of student data analysis, crafting compelling narratives from that data, and conducting insightful classroom observations. In her talk, Dorothea Williams unveils a profound roadmap for your esteemed audience, guiding them toward the remarkable ability to cultivate a culture of achievement that transcends teachers, administrators, and students alike. Attendees will walk away understanding the importance of analyzing student data, telling a story from that data, and conducting classroom observations as powerful tools for improving instruction and student achievement.

Unveiling The Hidden Key: Harnessing The Power Of Checking For Understanding In Education

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, one vital piece often gets overlooked: the transformative power of checking for understanding. From open-ended questions to interactive technology tools, a plethora of strategies exist for teachers to assess student comprehension throughout the learning journey. Join Dorothea Williams in an engaging talk as she unveils the art of adjusting instruction in real time, ensuring that every student progresses towards the intended learning goals. By the end of this enlightening session, attendees will gain a profound appreciation for the significance of checking for understanding and be equipped with actionable techniques to propel student achievement.

The Missing Puzzle Piece: Teacher Support As The Catalyst For Student Achievement

Teachers play a pivotal role in student achievement, yet they often lack the necessary support and feedback to excel in their profession. Recognizing the significance of equipping educators with the fundamental tools, strategies, and guidance, Dorothea Williams unveils a transformative approach to improving test and assessment scores. In her enlightening talk, attendees will gain invaluable insights on empowering students to take ownership of their education while providing teachers and administrators with a fresh perspective on test-taking practices tailored to their school. Prepare to embark on a journey that alleviates stress, empowers both students and educators and revolutionizes the educational experience for all.

The Blueprint For Educational Excellence
With a wealth of expertise gained from over four decades as an esteemed teacher and school district administrator, Dorothea Williams has spearheaded remarkable transformations in the educational journeys of more than 6,500 students across 50 schools. Now, she is determined to expedite the academic achievement of one million students by 2028 through the cultivation of enhanced teacher and administrator performance.

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