Dr. Brenda Montecalvo

Award-Winning Eye Doctor, Vision Coach, Author

About Dr. Montecalvo

Dr. Brenda Montecalvo is an award-winning eye doctor, author, wife, mom, and vision coach. She has over 35 years of experience helping thousands of students overcome learning challenges, gain confidence, and use their vision to transform their learning skills in school and their professional lives.
Dr. Montecalvo helps parents understand what visual skills their child struggles with, and how to solve those issues based on their individual needs. By using vision to its full potential they can overcome the frustration and pain of hours of homework. She uses “Visual Secrets” to help kids read faster, write better, and master math and spelling to build their self-esteem, reach their full potential, and discover the treasure of having more time for fun, friends, and family.
Dr. Brenda Montecalvo is on a mission to help 2 million parents by 2033 learn how to use vision to help their children be more successful.


“Dr. Brenda has changed my child’s life. Her ideas about how to use vision in a new way for learning are priceless.”
— Teresa
“I am so excited about the ideas Dr. Montecalvo gave me to help improve my child’s learning. I can’t wait to try them.”
— Katie
“I never knew there was so much to vision and how important it is for learning. Thank you so much for helping me help my child.”
— John
“I thought I would never be a good student, and every night would always be filled with homework. Thanks to Dr. M, I now have much more time for fun and my grades are better. I even enjoy reading now.”
— Hanna

Speaking Topic

Three Visual Secrets To End The Homework Battle, And Make School Easy

For parents whose students are struggling in school, and want to end the nightly homework battle. During this talk, Brenda outlines 3 strategies to make learning easier for students so they can have more time for fun, friends and family. Audience members will discover the missing link between school work and vision; Key at-home activities every family should use to make school fun again; and why school success has less to do with brain smarts, and more to do with the eye-brain connection.
Better Vision, Better Life, Better World
Utilizing visual secrets while learning helps families spend less time doing homework, and more time living an enjoyable, productive life.

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