Byron Davies, Ph.D.

Founder Of Black Swan Learning

About Dr. Davies

Dr. Davies, the founder of Black Swan Learning, studied at Caltech and MIT before earning his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford. After a first career working for some of the largest tech companies and a second career teaching at a K-12 charter school, Dr. Davies shifted his engineering focus toward helping parents whose children are struggling to read. As a teacher, he witnessed the real-time struggles faced by many children and how poorly equipped many teachers were to help those children. Through a better-than-phonics, intuitive, sounds-based spelling and reading game, he started a company called Black Swan Learning, a company that helps set readers up for academic and life-long success.
Dr. Davies is on a mission to help one billion people learn more quickly, more deeply, more reliably, more persistently, and more joyfully by 2034.


“I have received 2,861 emails from Dr. Byron Davies since May 2, 2015, at which time he invited me to join in a collaborative competition, intending to win the Global Learning XPRIZE. Our team didn’t win. Yet the two of us have persevered — with me living in California, and him living in Arizona — holding a big vision of teaching the world to read using a new, better, and faster protocol. We have successfully combined my low-tech experience as a practitioner and his high-tech expertise as a software engineer to create an astonishing minimum viable product! Together now, we eagerly announce its birth and will continue to nurture this revolutionary creation into its highest destiny.”
— Judy Ramirez, Source of the theory underlying Black Swan Reading
“I met the brilliant, compassionate, and talented Dr. Davies in 2007, introduced by our mentor, to work on K-12 education-related strategies and software. Since that first meeting, we have worked with educators worldwide as well as scientists and visionaries focused on helping children to learn in more profound ways. Dr. Davies is a passionate leader, writer, and facilitator. We have traveled and presented to groups on several occasions and are typically asked to return. I consider Dr. Davies one of my most treasured friends and colleagues, and I look forward to the many ways Dr. Davies will continue to contribute to mankind through helping our children.”
— Dr. Trish Sanders, Long-term colleague
“I’ve known Byron Davies, Ph.D., for about six months, and have engaged in explorations concerning his passion for learning and most especially for his innovations in multiple domains, including healthcare and education. Dr. Davies has most recently (in the past decade) been focused on developing innovative technologies which greatly facilitate and accelerate children’s skills in learning to read, using time-tested and proven underlying mechanisms. As one that struggled with childhood learning challenges myself, I believe that Dr. Davies’ innovative approaches, when broadly utilized, will accelerate crucial reading and other learning skills for generations! It is an honor for me to be associated with Dr. Davies’s and to view his selfless passion for helping children learn such foundational skills, thus enabling each of them to successfully launch their own journey in making a difference in the world.”
— Richard S. Dick, Ph.D., Eminent computer scientist

Speaking Topic

3 New Ways To Help Your Child Read Fluently

In a world where literacy is the cornerstone of learning, countless parents watch helplessly as their young ones grapple with reading and comprehension. They have tried everything — including phonics — but nothing seems to work. In his talk, Dr. Davies conveys that, in reading, sounds are more important than letters. Once children understand how language is built from sounds, they can learn how to spell those sounds in letters, and then to read those letters into word sounds. Attendees will walk away with a better way to learn how to read. They will carry away a teaching resource that they can use with their child to make learning to read fun and effective.

Note To Meeting Planners

A Pioneer Of Intuitive Learning

Dr. Davies brings a wealth of experience from Silicon Valley to the classroom, transforming reading education with innovative, intuitive methods. Invite him to share his groundbreaking sounds-based learning game that promises to elevate your attendees’ approach to literacy and learning.

Byron Davies, Ph.D., once a teacher amidst the frontlines of education, saw firsthand the daily battles children faced with literacy and the inadequate resources at educators’ disposal. He crafted a revolutionary, sound-centric literacy system, embarking on a quest to enhance learning. He’s now dedicated to helping one billion people learn more quickly and reliably.

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