Dr. Kimberly Faucher

Founder Of Tend & Tonic, Physician, Entrepreneur

About Dr. Kimberly

Dr. Kimberly Faucher is a physician and founder of Tend & Tonic. With over three decades of experience practicing medicine, she recognized the growing demand for a more holistic approach to healthcare among her patients. Concerned about the risks they faced by solely relying on alternative methods without medical guidance, she took a groundbreaking step in 2008 and established her clinic. Driven by a passion to bridge the gap between traditional medicine and holistic practices, she offers her clients a unique fusion of expertise, combining the best of both worlds in a single appointment. With a special focus on women facing overwhelm, low energy, and uncertainty about improving their health, Dr. Kimberly Faucher is dedicated to providing comprehensive care that addresses the root causes of their health challenges and offers tailored solutions that align with their desires, needs, and lifestyles—all within the convenience of a single healthcare destination.
Dr. Kimberly is on a mission to help 100,000 ambitious women struggling with overwhelm reclaim their energy and achieve optimal health by 2025.


“My life improved after being Dr. Kimberly Faucher’s patient. Being in the best health at age 54 brings me more energy and enthusiasm toward my future. Dr. Faucher combines her medical knowledge with a counseling approach that supported me through a transition to a healthier life.”
— Michelle Hutchins
“Dr. Kimberly Faucher is an excellent women’s physician and surgeon. She listens to your concerns and is very focused on helping with your medical needs as well as whole mind and body care. I would recommend her for all women’s health issues.”
— Elizabeth Garcia
“I have known Dr. Kim Faucher professionally and personally since 2008. As a physician, Kim is dedicated to helping her patients, keeping abreast of new medical developments and providing sound medical advice. A surgeon, Kim is skilled in her work, thorough, attentive to detail, and compassionate. She is an educator to her patients, colleagues, staff members, and friends. Kim is a lover of people and animals, a horsewoman, and an outdoor adventurer. She is a proud mother and a supportive friend. As a businesswoman, Kim is successful, cautious, pragmatic, and open-minded. Her medical and military training have provided a framework for excellent planning and trustworthy decision making.”
— Cindy Bodensteiner

“Dr. Faucher has been in my circle of care for just short of a year. She helped me stabilize through lifestyle changes and supplements, then medication when necessary coupled with biweekly visits to treat me holistically. She has observed my habits and choices through conversation to help me see from a different perspective. She has suggested alternatives to how I use my resources, space, time and energy to more effectively reach my goals. She has offered a vast array of books and apps to help me capitalize on my strengths and tendencies. Her partnership is one I would recommend to anyone looking to improve their circumstances through reflection, hard work, and guided gentle redirection.” 

— Portia Schneider

“I love Dr. Faucher. She’s very approachable and has a lovely bedside manner. I had a complete hysterectomy done by her and had a very easy recovery in record-breaking time. Only one day post-surgery where I needed assistance and pain meds. She’s an excellent surgeon, as there’s no visible scar line across my abdomen. She’s easy to talk to, personable, compassionate/caring, and very patient. I had to cancel my surgery several times, and she hung in there with me through the multiple reschedules. She’s very informative regarding everything to do with her care of you. I really like her and feel I’m in excellent hands with her providing my care. Plus, she’s an animal person, so that’s a wonderful extra plus in her favor.”  
— Deborah H.

Speaking Topics

The Burnout Solution: Transforming Your Relationship With Stress For Lasting Vitality

Do you often find yourself at a breaking point where the weight of the world feels too heavy to bear? Moments when retreating to your bed and hiding beneath the covers seems like the only escape? In her captivating keynote talk, Dr. Kimberly Faucher unveils the crucial distinction between stress and burnout, shedding light on the internal and external factors that contribute to our exhaustion. Through her expert guidance, attendees will gain invaluable insights on how to navigate the complexities of stress, equip themselves with practical tools to manage it effectively, and discover transformative steps they can take today to reclaim their joy and vitality, breaking free from the cycle of burnout.

Embrace The Change: Empowering Women Through Menopause And Stress Transformation

Do you feel overwhelmed by the challenges of menopause and the stress that accompanies it? Stress can lead to early aging, but how do we tame the stressors and age gracefully? In her talk, Dr. Kimberly Faucher takes attendees on a deep dive into the world of menopause to uncover what they can do to age gracefully, stop being afraid of menopause, and instead learn to embrace and manage it appropriately. Attendees will walk away understanding how to identify stressors in their lives and what to do about them, how to embrace menopause and not be afraid of their body changing, and what daily lifestyle activities they can incorporate into their lives.
Reignite Your Life: Unveiling The Keys To Overcoming Burnout And Thriving
With over three decades of medical expertise, Dr. Kimberly Faucher has empowered hundreds of women to reclaim their well-being. Her mission is to guide 100,000 ambitious women grappling with overwhelm towards revitalizing their energy and attaining peak health by 2025.

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