The Compassionate Guide For Widows

Invite Dr. Kimberly Hubenette to your event and witness a transformational shift in your attendees as she provides strategies for resilience and renewal, ensuring they leave with a renewed zest for life and the tools to honor their journey of love and loss.

Dr. Kimberly Hubenette

As a master navigator of life after loss, Dr. Kimberly Hubenette has illuminated paths to healing for hundreds of widows, steering them toward lives brimming with renewed meaning and joy. Driven by her vision, she’s dedicated to uplift one million widows by 2033, igniting their confidence, preserving sacred memories, and propelling them into futures filled with possibility and purpose.
Dr. Kimberly Hubenette is not just a doctor and author; she is a beacon of hope, the Live Love Survive & Thrive Coach who stands as a testament to the resilience and renewal. With a compassionate heart and a clear vision, she has guided hundreds of widows through the labyrinth of loss over the last four years, helping them to reshape the contours of their grief into a roadmap for a new, meaningful existence.
Her guidance transcends mere coping: It’s about a transformation that ignites the will to live fully, even in the wake of profound sorrow. As a widow and a business owner herself, Dr. Hubenette intimately understands the seismic shift caused by the loss of a life partner. Her approach is deeply personal, offering strategies that foster self-assurance and authenticity. She is the architect of a unique journey that empowers you to step into the world with renewed confidence, to cherish life’s full spectrum, and to love anew.
Dr. Kimberly Hubenette is on a mission to inspire one million widows to find confidence, cherish memories and thrive in their new life’s chapter by 2033.


“Kim is elegant. She can command the audience!”
— Patric Rood, Owner Of Rood Financial Services
“Dr. Kim Hubenette is an inspirational speaker. She moved the crowd!”
— Diva Mejias, Tax Advisor, Podcast, Entrepreneur Met At Sticker Shock
“Dr. Kimberly shared how she overcame her personal tragedy of losing her husband, and it inspired the audience. If you want an authentic speaker, hire her for your next event!”
— Tina Cadis, Speaker, Coach, Author

Speaking Topic

Transform Your Life After The Death Of Your Soulmate: 3 Secrets To Starting Over

In her talk, Dr. Kimberly discusses her battle with depression following her husband’s demise while maintaining a thriving dental business and meeting the expectations of her 9 employees. Offering insights into overcoming personal struggles and achieving equilibrium, this talk is ideal for business owners and individuals grappling with inspiration deficits and emotional voids. Attendees will learn how to rekindle their zest for life using a simple three-step approach, how to enhance their health, and how to thrive in their careers and pursue their dreams without the feeling of guilt.

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