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Founder And CEO Awakened Pharmacists

About Dr. Lisa

Dr. Lisa Tan is the founder and CEO of Awakened Pharmacists, a company that helps pharmacists thrive and not just survive. Acclaimed for her appearances on platforms such as Mindvalley University, The Great American Speak Off, and Women’s Entrepreneurship Week, her impactful strategies can be conveniently implemented in your everyday routine.
Dr. Lisa empowers pharmacists worldwide to transition from work dread and fatigue to embracing life and awakening each morning with renewed energy and vitality.
Dr. Lisa Tan is on a mission to empower one million female pharmacists to overcome burnout, reclaim their joy, and live life on their terms by 2033.


“Dr. Lisa is like the Asian female version of Tony Robbins. She is a great motivator and speaker. After one session, I did not hear negative thoughts in my mind. I am much more positive and do not focus on the negative things in life.”
— Dr. Laura Trac, Pharmacist
“Dr. Lisa is an international speaker with an inner passion for transformation. With her inspirational words and her performance on stage, she motivates the audience to change and lights up their kindle for action. This is the action that drove me and her audience towards constant growth and measurable results.”
— Dr. Angelos Ioannis, Published Author And Founder Of A Renewable Energy Cooperative And Healing Center
“Dr. Lisa understood me intuitively in a way I have never expected or experienced with coaching. Her light and expertise created a delightful session that I get excited about every time. She guided me as I shared my darkest fears and emerged confident and ready to conquer any challenge coming my way! She planted thought-provoking ideas so that I can 10X my business and life.”
— Lisa Barba, Founder Of Unschooling, PR, And Executive Director Of The Nurture Our Planet Nonprofit Organization
“Dr. Lisa Tan is one of the MOST kind-hearted, super intelligent, go-getter warriors I’ve ever met. She will be a DELIGHT for anyone to have her speak at their event. If you want to be empowered, to be seen, and to be loved, SHE is the person you want to be around.”
— Christina White Wolfe, Plant Medicine, Breathwork, Martial Arts Expert And Founder Of Collective Wellness Foundation

Speaking Topics

Prescription For Burned Out Pharmacists: Three Ingredients To Live Life On Your Terms

Pharmacists face the challenge of burnout — a state of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion that can affect their health, happiness, and performance. In her talk, Dr. Lisa Tan shares three ingredients to live life on your terms, even as a busy pharmacist. Attendees will discover how to reduce stress, shift perspective, and improve overall happiness with simple and effective strategies that you can apply anytime, anywhere. They will also learn how to awaken to the joy of life and become the pharmacist they are proud to be. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your life and career with Dr. Lisa’s prescription for burned-out pharmacists.

Pharmacist Vs. Alchemist: Transforming Challenges Into Triumphs

Pharmacists often face challenges that can make them feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or stuck. Dr. Lisa knows how to turn these challenges into opportunities for growth, learning, and success. In her talk, she reveals the secrets of unlocking your inner alchemist, the one who can transform any situation into a positive outcome. You will learn how to “breathe new life” into your everyday routine and awaken the power within. You will also gain the skills and confidence to handle, adapt, and transform any challenge into a significant victory.

F.O.R.E. Play: The Four Ingredients To Bounce Back From Burnout

Burnout can rob you of your joy, passion, and purpose in life and work. Dr. Lisa Tan has a solution for that. She will show you how to play with F.O.R.E. (Forgiveness, Oneness, R-spot, and Embodiment), the four ingredients to bounce back from burnout. This talk will help you free yourself from anything or anyone that is holding you back from your personal and professional potential. You will learn how to use the power of forgiveness to heal yourself and others. You will also discover how to embrace happiness, peace, and pleasure again by taking proactive steps toward an enlightened life. Join Dr. Lisa Tan for a fun and stimulating talk that will change your life and career.
Overcoming Burnout And Finding Fulfillment As A Pharmacist

Dr. Lisa helps pharmacists around the world transform their work and life from dull and draining to vibrant and fulfilling. She has a vision to inspire one million female pharmacists to break free from burnout, reclaim their joy, and live life on their terms by 2033.

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