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Women’s Wellness & Menopause Expert, Physician, Speaker & Best Selling Author

About Dr. Tayo

Dr. Tayo is a best-selling author, physician, and founder of Back to Sassy, a transformative platform helping dynamic, high-achieving women reclaim their health and happiness in midlife.

Drawing from her personal struggles with fatigue, sleep disruptions, and weight gain, she developed the unique “5 SuperPowers” integrative framework that combines cutting-edge science, holistic healing, and practical strategies.

Her approachable personality and ability to address complex subjects with ease make her a much sought-after speaker, coach and consultant.

Her innovative methodology empowers women to reignite their vitality, boost their confidence, and thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Dr. Tayo is on a mission to empower 100,000 women through midlife and beyond to live the life of their dreams by 2026.


“I started implementing her suggestions, and I am already seeing positive results in my energy level and overall mood.”
— Anna Pantano
“Her teachings have been a real comfort as I learn how completely normal, freeing, and even empowering menopause can be. I learned how to make this time better and set my body up to make the most of this next chapter in my life.”
— Tricia Stuart
“It was the first time I felt it was something for me, specifically for me, that I could do.”
— Serena Davis
“I just wanted to feel normal again. I had tried other things. I needed to sort my sleep out, and after you gave me a step-by-step structure, I felt normal again.”
— Bev Jessup

Speaking Topic

Reviving Momentum: A Dynamic Roadmap for Midlife Women to Energize Their Careers and Transform Their Lives

A large number of dynamic women  in midlife experience the onset of extreme exhaustion and feeling drained, along with poor concentration, forgetfulness and anxiety. They often haven’t figured out WHAT the problem is. The especially want to know HOW to regain their momentum.

In this talk, Dr. Tayo reveals the often unrecognized effects of menopause, particularly as it affects a woman’s work & life trajectories and how to overcome them. She reveals effective strategies to naturally elevate your energy, ensure a refreshing sleep routine, and how to harness the power of nutrition to harmoniously balance your mental, physical, and professional well-being.

Attendees will discover why menopause must not be downplayed. They’ll learn practical techniques to improve sleep quality, and create a customized action plan to manage their weight without falling for deceptive diet programs.

Elevate Your Energy, Multiply Your Output, And Embrace A Slimmer, Radiant You

Dr. Tayo’s personal journey of overcoming weight gain, sleep disruption, and fatigue inspired her to create Back to Sassy, a transformative initiative for women. With this initiative, she aims to help 100,000 women achieve their dream life by 2026 as they navigate through midlife and beyond.

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