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About Ellis

Ellis Hammond is a seasoned leader in commercial real estate with a keen eye for opportunity and a heart for helping others succeed. As CEO of Symphony Capital Group, he has masterfully led the acquisition of over $150 million in commercial real estate since 2021. Drawing from his background as a Christian pastor, Ellis is uniquely positioned to empower faith-driven professionals in building their wealth and increasing their impact through real estate investing. He understands that financial success is not an end in itself but a means to a greater purpose of expanding the Kingdom of God. Ellis is a dynamic speaker and motivator, and he is passionate about sharing his expertise and insights to inspire others to achieve their dreams.

Ellis is on a mission to help 10,000 faith-driven professionals build wealth through real estate by 2023. 


“Ellis brings the fire to any stage he speaks on! I love that he breaks down some very boring subjects like real estate and financing and makes it fun, exciting, and engaging.”
— Caleb Guilliams, CEO of BetterWealth and Author of The And Asset
“Having had the pleasure of hosting events with industry-leading speakers, Ellis has consistently been one of the most incredible speakers we’ve had the opportunity to work with. Most recently, Ellis was a keynote speaker in front of our 500+ person audience of real estate investors. He captivated our audience through his dynamic personality and heartwarming story of leaving pastoral ministry to make an even greater impact through real estate investing. It’s the single session attendees bring up most when reliving their experience. If you want raving fans after your event, don’t hesitate to have Ellis join!”
— Hunter Thompson, CEO of Asym Capital and Founder of Raisemasters
“I consider Ellis Hammond to be an authentic and trusted voice in the real estate industry. His Kingdom focus on influencing cities, neighborhoods, and families is refreshing and much-needed in the real estate investing community.”
— Shae Bynes, Founder of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur
“Ellis has a great energy and passion that captures and engages audiences. As a believer, Ellis communicates with authenticity. His knowledge of real estate will help you achieve your financial goals.”
— Pete Kelly, CEO of Apartment Life

Speaking Topics

From Income To Abundance: Mastering The Art Of Sustainable Growth And Wealth Multiplication

Generating income the first time is something most business owners know how to do well. Make money by selling the product or service in the business. However, beyond the initial creation of income, many business owners face the challenge of harnessing their resources to ensure sustainable growth. In his talk, Ellis reveals the secrets to taking your hard-earned wealth and transforming it into a powerful tool that works tirelessly to secure your financial future. Through his “Think Wealthy” process, attendees will map out when and how to start investing, how to pay less in taxes, and how to multiply their money with predictability.

Unlocking The Path To Abundant Wealth: How Faith-Driven Entrepreneurs Can Create More Money And Make A Lasting Impact

In a world where faith-driven entrepreneurs strive to make a meaningful impact, Ellis Hammond presents a powerful keynote that reveals the secrets to creating abundant wealth while staying true to their purpose. Drawing from his experience as a former pastor, Ellis guides attendees on a transformative journey to unlock the potential of real estate, allowing them to multiply their income without sacrificing their time or diluting their focus. Through his insights, participants will learn how to leverage their existing resources to double their talents and serve the communities they are truly passionate about—all while leaving a lasting legacy and making a bigger impact. Attendees will discover when they are ready to start investing, how to keep more of the money they make through strategic planning, and ways to multiply with a predictable and repeatable process.

From Money's Slave To Master: Empowering Kingdom Minded Wealth Creators

In a world where money can easily take control, how can Kingdom minded wealth creators regain mastery over their time and treasure? In this captivating keynote, Ellis Hammond, a former pastor turned full-time real estate entrepreneur and investor, unveils powerful strategies to help your audience become wise stewards of their hard-earned money. Through his transformative “Think Wealthy” formula, Ellis empowers attendees to break free from the time-for-money cycle and unlock the potential of their existing wealth, allowing them to make a greater Kingdom impact through the world of real estate investing. Attendees will walk away understanding the power of the money they already are making, how to keep more of the money they make through strategic planning and ways to multiply their money with a predictable and repeatable process.

Unleashing The Power Of Wealth: Strategies To Multiply Income, Secure Your Future, And Make Every Dollar Count

With his visionary leadership, Ellis Hammond has spearheaded the acquisition of over $150 million worth of commercial real estate since 2021 as the CEO of Symphony Capital Group. Now, he embarks on a mission to empower 10,000 faith-driven professionals, guiding them to build lasting wealth through real estate by 2033.

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