Erika Dox-Martinez

Founder Of Blissful Vida LLC, Financial Wellness Coach & Educator

About Erika

Erika Dox-Martinez is the founder of Blissful Vida LLC, a financial wellness company that empowers individuals to transform their relationship with money and achieve financial peace of mind. Having once felt a lack of confidence in her finances and embarrassed about her debt, she was able to become debt-free and save over half a million dollars. Now, Erika is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with other women who want to boost their confidence and competence with money. She believes everyone deserves to manage their money well and live a happy life. Erika is especially keen to work with ambitious and motivated women ready to make change.

Erika is on a mission to empower 100,000 ambitious women to achieve financial bliss by 2028.


“Erika’s ability to engage and captivate the students was commendable, making the workshop both informative and enjoyable. The hands-on activity she incorporated allowed the students to apply the concepts they were learning in a practical manner, which greatly enhanced their understanding and retention of the material. Erika’s expertise and friendly approach created a positive learning environment that empowered our students with essential financial literacy skills. I recommend Blissful Vida to any educational institution seeking to equip its students with the knowledge and tools necessary for a successful financial future.”
— Mary Oluokun, Director Of Girls Initiative At The YWCA Of The City Of NY
“Erika created a live presentation for my online well-being community to discuss how to create a mindset and change behaviors to cultivate financial well-being! She was engaging and attentive to members’ questions during the presentation. Erika took a topic that can often be overwhelming and broke it down into an easy-to-follow presentation that offered tangible tips and action items for my members to start focusing on their financial well-being! We will definitely be inviting Erika back for future presentations!”
— Melyssa Lynn, Change Maker Community: Healthy Living Doesn’t Have To SUCK!
“Working with Blissful Vida has been a transformative experience financially and mentally. Erika is an advisor like no other. What separates her from the rest is her approach to money. She wants not only for you to achieve financial freedom, but she also wants you to believe that you deserve it. I knew I made the right decision when I received my set of personal money affirmations. Erika reshaped my fears and perceived failures around money into positive, factual statements based on the steps we were taking together to start me off on my journey toward financial bliss. That, along with the Blissful Vida framework, gave me the confidence to believe that I can control my money rather than have it control me.”
— Erika Dominguez, One-on-One Coaching Student
“If you’re considering getting a financial coach, I cannot stress enough how fast you should run toward Blissful Vida. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, and I recommend everyone, especially if you’re in my age group (20’s and fresh out of college), to try it out. Erika created a safe and judgment-free environment for me to learn and grow and taught me things that will undoubtedly change my financial journey forever. Through her, I learned that money doesn’t have to be terrifying and that any time is a perfect time to start your journey to a Blissful Financial Vida.”
— Donatella Bavaro, One-on-One Coaching Student

Speaking Topics

Get Your $HIT Together: It’s Time To Take Control And Thrive

Many women are afraid and overwhelmed by money troubles even though they have successful, well-paying jobs. They don’t know how to manage their money well, and they feel stressed and uncertain about their financial future. If you’re tired of this situation, it’s high time to sort out your money mess and get your $HIT together, and Erika is here to help. In this talk, she will show you how to apply the S.H.I.T. Money Methodology, a simple and effective way to take control of your finances. Attendees will uncover the simplicity of the S.H.I.T. Money Methodology, consisting of making smart moves, finding a balance between being healthy and financially stable, investing in your future to build wealth, and thriving financially.

Enjoy Your Money, Worry Less, And Live More: A Simple And Effective Guide To Financial Wellness

Many ambitious women struggle with money stress and anxiety, even though they work hard and earn well. They don’t know how to manage their money effectively, and they feel trapped in the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck or not knowing where their money goes. If you want to escape this cycle and achieve lasting financial freedom, Erika has the solution for you. In this talk, she shows you how to enjoy your money, worry less, and live more. Attendees will understand why financial wellness is essential for stress relief and overall well-being, how to track where your money goes, how to manage it effectively with a simple and flexible system, how to save while you have debt, and how to enjoy your money without guilt or fear while planning for your future and your dreams. By the end of this talk, attendees will have the skills and strategies to transform their relationship with money, worry less, and live more. 

Transform Your Relationship With Money And Achieve Financial Peace
Erika used to be ashamed of her debt and financial instability, but she turned her finances around and saved over half a million dollars. She is now on a mission to empower 100,000 ambitious women to achieve financial bliss by 2028.

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