Fabien Martelly

CEO Of Martelly Consulting, Business Coach

About Fabien

Fabien Martelly, the founder and CEO of Martelly Consulting, bootstrapped his coaching company from a standing start to $700K within 12 months. Simultaneously, he secured $50MM in credit for a groundbreaking new venture.
Martelly distinguishes himself in the consulting landscape by aiding business owners who strive to raise their $10 million company’s worth to $1 billion. Despite these companies battling challenges such as a lack of clear vision, stress, confusion, and fatigue, Martelly aids them in overcoming these obstacles. He does this by identifying the unconscious limiting beliefs blocking progress and offers solutions that inevitably lead to increased clarity, motivation, profit, and both personal and business growth.


“Particularly reliable and attentive, Fabien has also always been present when I called on his services. This collaboration for twelve years has allowed me to detect in him his qualities of observation, insight, sincerity, and creativity. In addition, I particularly appreciate his interpersonal skills. I promise him great success in his career as a consultant and a coach.”
— Gérard Pélisson, Co-Founder Of Accor Hotel
“Working with Fabien is a pleasure. My expectations have been greatly exceeded. He is impressive and knows how to guide you to overcome the obstacles that life can throw at you. It is a pleasure to know Fabien, and I cannot recommend him enough to all those who face challenges or those who are looking for new and stimulating opportunities.”
— Cyrille Peguilhan De Sartoux
“With a sense of unceasing help, Fabien always analyzes the best angles to bring ideas or questions that generate an internal questioning on our own limits which we are confronted with every day. The best is to know that the endless variety of possibilities is conceivable and that, thanks to a sound professional coaching accompaniment, it all makes a lot more sense.”
— Luis Alejandro López Silva
“Fabien helps you focus on both your accomplishments and your failures. He guides you to use them to your advantage. He is sensitive, funny and attentive. He helps you identify and remove obstacles that could prevent you from achieving your goal, whether personal or professional. Fantastic.”
— Philippe Peguilhan

Speaking Topic

Unleashing Business Potential: $10 Million To $1 Billion Accelerated Growth Blueprint

Business owners often face challenges in scaling their company’s growth and reaching their full potential. To achieve this, they need to develop a mindset of success that aligns with their vision, action, and people. In this talk, Fabien reveals the three essential focus points that can transform any business from $10 million to $1 billion. He also shares how to detect and overcome limiting beliefs using physical signals, how to create lasting changes in beliefs and behaviors in 21 days, and how to use a simple technique to make fast and effective decisions. Attendees will learn how to unleash their business potential by mastering their mindset, strategy, and team.
Helping Business Owners Grow And Scale To $1 Billion
Fabien Martelly empowers entrepreneurs who aspire to scale their $10 million business to over $1 billion. He helps them uncover and overcome the hidden mental barriers that hinder their success and provides them with strategies that boost their confidence, drive, revenue, and growth in both personal and professional domains.

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