Fannie Beilstein-Martin

Certified Health And Wellness Coach, Speaker

About Fannie

Fannie Beilstein-Martin is a certified health and wellness coach who is passionate about helping people 50 and over who struggle with weight loss, poor sleep quality, and low energy. In the last year, she has helped dozens of individuals lose weight by showing them how their favorite foods can become their secret weapons to a healthy life when put in the right combinations.
Fannie is on a mission to help 1 million people reach their target weight so they can enjoy their life again by 2027.


“Before coaching with Fannie, I struggled with pre-diabetes and weight gain. Fannie taught me that it is very possible to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way while enjoying food. My pre-diabetic condition has reversed, and I have lost 30 pounds. It was much easier to lose weight and keep it off than I ever imagined. My doctor has told me to continue whatever lifestyle change I have made as it is working well. I feel healthier and have more energy than I have had in many years. What I loved most about coaching with Fannie is the accountability and continued ongoing coaching support. Thank you, Fannie, for making my weight loss and diabetes control a reality so I can fully enjoy life.”
“Over several years, I was struggling with weight gain and high blood pressure. When I met Fannie, she helped me through her professional suggestions, information, and conversations to get back on track. I am feeling better and more energized than before. My blood pressure is down, and I continue to drop weight which makes me very happy. Also, other joint issues are gone as well. I can always count on her. Thank you so much, Fannie, for your support, help, and the good meetings.”
“I’ve tried to lose weight before but coaching with Fannie was very helpful. I naturally reached my weight loss goal while still eating foods I loved and never felt hungry. This is a very sustainable way of losing weight and keeping it off. I have way more energy and feel healthier overall.”
— Leanne
“When I first started coaching with Fannie, I was experiencing some brain fog, felt tired a lot of the time, and didn’t have much energy. Some of my goals were to have less sugar in my diet, get some exercise in my lifestyle, and feel good overall. Through Fannie’s encouragement and guidance and along with eating more nutritious meals and exercising regularly, I have been seeing positive results. The brain fog has left, I do not feel as tired throughout the day, and have way more energy than I’ve had in a long time.”
— Christena

Speaking Topic

How To Burn Belly Fat While Eating The Foods You Love

For those who struggle with weight loss, low energy, poor sleep, and don’t feel like themselves. In her talk, Fannie discusses the challenges of losing weight and focuses on solutions to get ahead of those challenges. Audience members will learn methods to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way while still enjoying the foods they love.
Lose Weight While Still Enjoying Foods You Love
Fannie is on a mission to help 1 million people reach their target weight while still eating the foods they love.

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