Frank Salemi

Founder And Owner Of Achieve Martial Arts

About Frank

Frank Salemi, the founder and owner of Achieve Martial Arts, has dedicated over a decade to empowering students with disabilities, training hundreds to overcome confidence and physical challenges. He offers a safe, inclusive environment that rewards progress, helping each student achieve their unique goals.
Frank’s philosophy is to equip parents and professionals with the necessary tools to mentally and physically engage children with disabilities. His structured plan optimizes an engaging and balanced hour of activity, ensuring each child feels accomplished and capable of contributing positively to their family, community, and society.
Frank is on a mission to empower 100,000 people in the disabled community with the skills to connect, engage, and develop with their children and students by 2025.


“I would recommend anyone who is interested in doing martial arts to try out Achieve. Master Frank has made an amazing learning environment that makes it fun to succeed and advance. He also has found a way to seamlessly integrate a way to teach the students how to reach their goals and the importance of having them.”
— Aidan Timms
“My children have worked under Master Frank for many years, especially my oldest son, Michael, since he was six years old, and my younger son, GianLuca, for the past year. Master Frank has a strong belief in striving for excellence while building mutual respect between students and masters. He is aware of individual differences and learning styles and is encouraging and patient, helping each student to achieve their highest potential and increase their self-esteem. He is highly recommended by our family!”
— Sara Colucci, Mother, Owner Of Montessori Private School
“Master Frank is an awesome teacher! My son has been with him for six years. He is kind, encouraging, and caring … and as a parent, that is what I want for my son. My son would not be with any other Master. You could never go wrong sending your child here!”
— Faith Berman, Mother Of Hyperactive Child
“Frank volunteers at church as a special needs buddy and team coach. He took on the school classroom to guide the other buddies and the special needs students to give everyone the best Sunday experience. He takes the time to get to know everyone and make each Sunday better than the last.”
— Kimberly Chiappa, ABA Therapist, Special Needs Coordinator, Parent Of Special Needs Child

Speaking Topic

Unlocking Potential: Nurturing Children With Disabilities For A Brighter Future

Children with disabilities often face challenges in focusing, staying fit, and feeling fulfilled. In this talk, Frank Salemi shares his expertise in engaging with children with disabilities through eye contact, helping them improve their social skills and relationships. He also shows how to celebrate their achievements and stimulate their brain’s potential to keep pursuing more in life. By the end of this talk, audience members will have a deeper understanding of their child’s capacity for growth and how to enhance their physical and social development.
Cultivating Focus, Fitness, And Fulfillment For Children With Disabilities
Frank has helped hundreds of students with disabilities of all ages boost their confidence, overcome their challenges, and connect with others. His vision is to equip 100,000 people in the disabled community with the skills to bond, interact, and grow with their children and students by 2025.

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