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About Gail

Gail Kasper stands out as a trailblazer in the realm of sales training, setting the gold standard as a Master Sales Trainer renowned for her unparalleled track record in revitalizing sales teams and driving substantial revenue growth. With a unique and unconventional approach to customization, she has earned global recognition for her ability to engineer long-term transformations in sales disciplines. Notably, Gail’s expertise played a pivotal role in the resurgence of Viva International Group’s national sales team, rescuing them from a double-digit multimillion-dollar loss and propelling the company to a banner year. Her latest innovation, the Cockatoo Selling System, promises to revolutionize sales methodologies, addressing the evolving technological landscape and empowering sales representatives to close deals at an accelerated pace.


“Gail’s sales systems not only helped us recoup a $30 million in client loss but also increased our revenues by 8% in the same year.”
— Phil Turnage, VP Of Sales
“Gail Kasper has been integral to several years of training with Steel Dynamics, Inc., a multibillion-dollar public steel company. She has provided intensely customized classes in sales (both prospecting and high-level sales presentations), public speaking, and first-class customer service.”
— Glenn Pushis, Senior VP Of Strategic Projects
“The whole advancement in Cockatoo Selling is definitely on point for the times today! I absolutely love the concept!”
— Keith Kamalich, VP Of Sales

Speaking Topic

Breaking Down Sales Barriers: Challenge Internet-Savvy Customers With Superior Emotional Intelligence

Get ready to revolutionize your sales approach with Gail Kasper’s innovative Cockatoo Selling method, where emotional intelligence triumphs over today’s tech-savvy customers. Through the captivating story of Hank the Cockatoo, a sales legend, Kasper reveals how to decode customer behavior and establish genuine connections that drive sales. Discover strategies to expand your prospecting funnel, master three cockatoo techniques to enhance your sales process, and confidently guide customers to a close by understanding their emotional reality. Say goodbye to outdated methods, and hello to increased conversion rates and long-lasting customer relationships. Get ready to crush your sales numbers like never before!

Note To Meeting Planners

The Sales Conversion Specialist

Gail offers an advanced sales process designed to equip sales reps with the necessary tools to thrive in today’s dynamic market. Your audience will undergo a personalized journey, delving into their specific sales challenges. The participants will learn to engage with customers on a deeper level, leveraging insights into body language and tone of voice to navigate the sales journey seamlessly toward a successful close.
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Ultimately, sales professionals who apply Gail’s process undergo a remarkable transformation. You can trust in her proven ability to deliver tangible results, leaving audiences inspired and equipped with the tools to achieve unparalleled success in sales.

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