Georgianne McConnell

Founder Of Sacred-Soul-Business LLC, Coach, Speaker

About Georgianne

Georgianne McConnell is the founder of Sacred-Soul-Business LLC, a unique platform that combines her extensive entrepreneurial experience and her passion for spirituality. She helps holistic and spiritually-minded small business owners who struggle with inconsistent income, low self-esteem, and undervalued services. She teaches them how to create, grow, and sustain a consistent income stream that aligns with their purpose and values. She also helps them achieve their business goals, boost their confidence and profitability, and embrace the energy of money. Georgianne McConnell is the coach you need if you want to transform your business and your life with spirituality and strategy.

Georgianne is now on a mission to help 500,000 women business owners create their dream business and generate over $1 billion in revenue by 2030.


“I attended Georgianne McConnell’s workshop, and it was amazing. She inspired me with her spiritual and practical wisdom. She made the class easy and fun for everyone. The best part was creating my own business goals. Georgianne taught me how to visualize and align with them. In a few weeks, I saw positive changes in my life thanks to her workshop. If you want to grow, succeed, or connect with yourself, this workshop is for you. It changed my life, and I’m so thankful.”
— Wendy Zapata, CEO Of Zapata Group
“I have known Georgianne and worked with her for fourteen years. She has great knowledge of banking and finance. She truly cares for her clients and their best interests. An area that she is so proud of is working with women to provide a solid base for their future. Georgianne takes great pride in providing a service that will fit into the budget of her clients and provide lifelong growth. She takes her experience and transfers it into knowledge for her clients through classes, one-on-one meetings, and Zoom get-togethers. If anyone wants to learn about finance, Georgianne is the one to help educate you.”
— Debbie Massey-Arnold, Founder Of Debbie Massey Massage Therapies
“I wanted to say the workshop I attended has been a powerful tool in my life because it helps me visualize my goals, and serves as a daily reminder of what I am working towards. The beliefs and goals help keep me focused, committed, and aligned with my dreams. I am grateful that I’ve met you. It has helped set me on the path I was looking for.”
— Michelle Collier

Speaking Topics

Unlocking Prosperity: Overcoming Scarcity Beliefs Through Empowerment And Abundance

This talk aims to uplift female entrepreneurs in the spiritual and holistic sectors, who grapple with unworthiness, feel apprehensive in expressing their genuine selves, and yearn to resonate with their ideal clientele or ‘tribe.’ You’ll uncover key techniques to replace restricting beliefs with powerful, abundant ones, and begin to manifest wealth, success, and more!

Participants will learn how to promptly dispel limiting beliefs and begin to manifest their desired success, abundance, and everything they are worthy of – all within their grasp. All while learning key foundational financial skills to take their passion, purpose and gifts to the next level. 

Effortless Steps to Shifting Your Money Story with Grace

Tailored for women entrepreneurs in holistic health, yoga, or reiki wrestling with financial hurdles and dissatisfying free-service clientele, this talk is your gateway to boundless business prosperity. Discover the strategic steps to mute the disempowering internal dialogues, harness the formidable strength of your subconscious mind, and begin embodying an authentic, affluent life you know you’re worthy off!

Participants will gain actionable tools to attract increased prosperity, fortify their self-belief and shatter limitations and fears. The women who attend will witness the manifestation of additional money, fresh opportunities, and more.

Overcome Blocks, Serve Your Customers, And Build Your Dream Business
Georgianne empowers women entrepreneurs to overcome their blocks, attract and serve loyal customers, and transform their businesses into cash-flow generators. Her vision is to help half a million women business owners achieve their dream business and generate over $1 billion in revenue by 2030.

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