Greg Moyer

Founder of Inventive Guild LLC, Author, Coach

About Greg

Greg is an inventor, innovator, author, coach, and Founder of Inventive Guild LLC. In the last 25 years, Greg has created dozens of inventions and industry innovations that have generated more than $5.5 billion with companies like Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, and Dell.
Many business professionals and entrepreneurs feel stuck and overwhelmed working “in” their businesses and find it difficult to generate innovative ideas to move their businesses forward. Greg is passionate about helping business professionals and entrepreneurs unlock their creativity and become inventive thinkers. He does this by teaching behaviors based on neuroscience and harnessing how our brains are naturally designed to think.
Greg is on a mission to inspire 10,000 creative business owners and entrepreneurs to become insanely inventive and solve one of the global grand challenges by 2032.


“Greg’s courses get a ‘highly recommend!’ I’ve seen firsthand how using The Innovator’s Accelerator leads to truly inventive solutions that everyone on the team wants to adopt and that the executive team will approve.”
— Denise Baffa
“I must say, there is something magical that often occurs when working with Greg. The process he employs awakens and activates our latent imagination…creative success is both fun and achievable!”
— John Moyes
“Do yourself a favor and take Greg’s workshops. He has a unique ability to distill and help you understand the science and research into an easy-to-learn formula that WORKS for ANYONE!”
— Jeffrey KnighT

Speaking Topics

Adapt Or Die… How To Stay Relevant And Thrive In An A.I. Driven Economy

For knowledge workers and entrepreneurs who wish to thrive in an A.I.-driven economy. With technological tyranny and geopolitical/economic volatility creating an uncertain future, the world desperately needs more inventive thinkers to address complex challenges, drive innovation, and stimulate economic growth.

In this unique presentation, Greg Moyer gives an accurate, science and evidence-based understanding of inventive thinking, explains the importance of its role for improving the human experience, and provides a perspective-shifting approach for the renewal of the lost art of being creative, inventive, and innovative on demand. Attendees will walk away with a strategy to constantly generate winning ideas and inventive solutions to grow their businesses and launch new innovations that will improve their companies and impact the world.

How To Boost Business Creativity The Right Way

For entrepreneurs and business professionals who are sick of being told to “play games” and adopt techniques that require them to tap into their childhood. In his talk, Greg walks through a process that great thinkers have used for ages to harness creativity and come up with some of the best innovations and inventions of their time – without ever once picking up a toy or childhood gadget. Audience members will walk away with a repeatable process to create, invent, and innovate – and create the impact they have always dreamt of.
Helping Busy People Become Insanely Inventive
Inventive thinking leads to genius level creativity, adaptive leadership, peak performance, and extreme innovation, which are the required keys to success especially in the coming decade. Greg is on a mission to inspire 10,000 creative business owners and entrepreneurs to become insanely inventive and solve one of the global grand challenges by 2032.

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