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About Gregg

Gregg Forster is the owner of Wisconsin Mineral Solutions, a visionary company devoted to the prosperity and sustainability of family farms. With a remarkable nine year track record, he has empowered countless farmers to conquer field and barn challenges with cost-effective solutions. Today, Gregg’s mission revolves around supporting small and mid-sized farms across the Midwest, who find themselves grappling with issues such as low-quality or low-yielding crops, crop and livestock diseases, and the pressing concern of ensuring their farms leave a legacy for the next generation. Through his transformative consulting and mentoring services, farms of all sizes gain access to practical methodologies and strategic game plans tailored to their unique growing methods and financial capacities, enabling them to triumph over their greatest farming obstacles and safeguard the enduring legacy that has shaped our nation for decades.
Gregg is on a mission to impact 7,000 Midwest dairy farms to have flourishing farms through soil, crop, and livestock health by 2030.


“I have known and worked with Gregg for over a decade. His impeccable honesty and sincerity are evident when it comes to learning the ‘root’ of soil life problems. Gregg is an advocate for testing soils using tests that are more accurate in measuring true mineral elements and in ratios that benefit and enhance soil life to its fullest potential. Gregg also has the knowledge to advise which fertilizers and amounts will benefit your soils.”
— Steve Pechacek, Food Plot Consultant
“I’ve worked with Gregg for years with farmers to improve soil and animal health. He has a background grounded in very good soil science. He has done a great job consulting with farmers. I have no reserves sending farmers to Gregg for consultations and products.”
— Dennis Anderson, Independent Farm & Wellness Consultant
“Gregg is a soil consultant and mineral dealer and has the world’s best family vegetable garden. The nutrient density of their produce is probably world-class. They know what they are doing when it comes to growing vegetables; they have great integrity, and I like the way they have their CSA set up.”
— Tony DiMaggio, Owner/Farmer, Sacred Blossom Farm

Speaking Topics

Chemical-Free Dairy Farming: Unveiling The Path To Unprecedented Success

As the farming industry bombards farmers with conflicting advice and costly solutions, it’s time to unravel the truth and adopt a more effective and sustainable approach. Join Gregg Forster as he unveils the untapped power of addressing farming challenges at their root cause—the health of the soil. Through an enlightening exploration of the intricate relationship between soil health, cow well-being, and feed quality, attendees will gain invaluable insights and actionable strategies to elevate their herd’s health and cultivate a thriving farming business.

The Dirty Work Of Farming: Understanding Your Soil So Your Crops Don’t Get Soiled

We always hear people talk about working from the ground up, but what if the ground wasn’t taken care of from the start? In the world of farming, success begins with the soil beneath our feet. In his talk, Gregg Forster delves deep into the complex relationship between soil health and the vitality of crops and farming businesses. Through this enlightening talk, attendees will gain invaluable insights on soil testing, deciphering the results, and a comprehensive roadmap to cultivate robust crops and foster sustainable agricultural prosperity. Get ready to revolutionize your farming journey from the ground up!

Maximizing Dairy Farm Success: Unleashing The Power Of The 3 Key Drivers

Farmers tend to think profitability comes from increased milk production, but that is only a “drop in the bucket” when we consider the costs that can be saved by strategically improving soil and forage quality and greatly reducing the cost of maintaining cow health. In this engaging keynote talk, Gregg Forster uncovers the vital interplay between soil health, forage quality, and cow well-being and provides actionable strategies to transform your farming business. Attendees will walk away with a clear path to reducing the costs of building field fertility, increasing the value of field crops, and cost-effectively improving cow production.
Revolutionizing Midwest Dairy Farms: Helping Build Sustainable, Profitable Enterprises
Over the span of 9 years, Greg has guided hundreds of farmers in overcoming field and barn challenges with cost-effective solutions. Now, he’s committed to empowering 7,000 Midwest dairy farms by 2030, ensuring their prosperity through the interconnected vitality of soil, crops, and livestock.

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