Heidi Neville

Owner Of Prime IV Hydration & Wellness

About Heidi

Heidi Neville is the founder of Prime IV Hydration & Wellness, a leading IV therapy spa in Utah. She has transformed the lives of thousands of people by providing them with the nutrition and support they deserve so they can enjoy their health and happiness. She helps men and women who have tried everything to improve their health but still suffer from fatigue, brain fog, gut health, migraines, and other health challenges. Whether you’re not feeling like yourself or have not felt suitable for a long time, IV therapy, peptides, and NAD+ are the best ways to optimize your nutrient levels!
Heidi is on a mission to help one million people feel better, look better, and perform better through peptides, NAD+, and IV therapy by 2030.


“For as long as I have known Heidi, she has been someone who makes herself available anytime. She goes out of her way to accommodate people and their situations. I find her genuine care for people and their well-being contagious.”
—  Stacie P.
“Heidi is passionate about helping people feel better so they improve their quality of life, achieve their goals, and perform at their best! Heidi often expresses that she feels everyone deserves to feel good. Her success is no doubt due to her genuine concern for her customers and her desire to help them wherever they are in their health journey!”
— Jamie B.
“Over the years, I’ve seen Heidi undergo tremendous personal growth. She approaches challenges with a positive mindset, learning from experiences and constantly striving for self-improvement. Heidi is an inspiring individual.”
— Brian N.
“Having Heidi as a close friend and confidant, I can attest to her unwavering dependability. When faced with adversity, she remains steadfast and reliable, always willing to offer support and encouragement. Heidi is someone you can trust in any situation!”
— Brooke

Speaking Topic

Feel Better Now: 3 Secrets To Optimize Your Health

In a world of constant fatigue, brain fog, and unrelenting health struggles, many seek transformation. In her talk, Heidi unveils three secrets to optimal health, offering a roadmap for those eager to take charge of their well-being. Attendees will learn what the vitamins we consume do in our bodies, how different kinds of vitamin intake make all the difference, and how to figure out what nutrients we are missing that might be making us sick so we can feel better and enjoy all that life has to offer.
The Secrets To Abundant Energy And Clarity
Heidi has helped thousands of people achieve their health and body transformation goals. She has a vision to empower one million people to feel better, look better, and perform better with peptides, NAD+, and IV therapy by 2030.

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