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Business Strategy Coach And Host Of Be S.H.E. Podcast

About Heidi

Heidi Schalk is the CEO of Heidi Schalk Coaching and host of the Be S.H.E. podcast. She is known for her innovative coaching and business strategies, recognized on FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS. Amid personal challenges, Heidi devised her own business and the M.O.N.E.Y. Mastery methodology, offering women the tools to build a life on their own terms.
Over the past five years, Heidi’s strategies have empowered hundreds of female entrepreneurs to transition from financial strain to running successful six-figure businesses. She is dedicated to empowering women to design their businesses to fit their lives, not the other way around.
Heidi is on a mission to empower 1,000,001 female entrepreneurs to ignite their passion and build multiple six-figure businesses they love by 2033.


“You won’t find a business coach who cares as much as Heidi. She teaches strategy that works, and more importantly, she really listens to her clients and supports them through the necessary mindset upgrades required for success. She holds you accountable for your own growth and stands beside you the entire time!”
— Tammy Gibson
“I can’t say enough amazing things about Heidi. SHE is the person to work with. I would have to do a one hour live to tell you about all of the amazing things Heidi has taught me to do.”
— Galeet Lee Levy
“Heidi has guided me throughout my process. She not only guides with compassion, but she also makes sure you fully understand the needed process. All my fears and anxiety were completely diminished.”
— Diana Kearns
“Being a part of Heidi’s community is probably a better decision than going to college.”
— Susan Serena

Speaking Topics

How To Market, Network, And Enroll Your Way To A Six-Figure Business And A Real-World Impact

One of the biggest challenges in entrepreneurship is the unpredictability of income. How can you build a stable and profitable business in a volatile market? Heidi Schalk has the answer in her talk, “Consistently Generating Revenue and Clients in Six Months for a Real-World Impact.” She shares her five-step M.O.N.E.Y. Mastery blueprint that helped her create a successful six-figure business in half a year. Attendees will discover how to market effectively, craft irresistible offers, network masterfully, enroll dream clients, and show up authentically to make a lasting impact and a real difference.

From Invisible To Relevant: How To Overcome Fear And Build A Flourishing Online Business

One of the biggest obstacles in online entrepreneurship is the fear of being invisible and irrelevant. How can you overcome this fear and build a thriving online business that showcases your unique value and story? Heidi Schalk has the answer. In her talk, she helps you design a business that aligns with your personal and professional goals and teaches you how to share your gifts and talents effectively. Attendees will walk away with a clear vision of creating a life and business on their own terms, gaining the confidence to step out, be seen, be heard, and share their gifts with the world.

Unlocking Your Hidden Potential: Overcoming Obstacles And Developing A Thriving Business

One of the biggest challenges in entrepreneurship is the lack of clarity and confidence in achieving business goals. How can you overcome the barriers that hold you back from realizing your full potential? Heidi Schalk has the answer. In her talk, she guides you through the process of identifying and overcoming the obstacles that prevent you from reaching your business aspirations. By unlocking your hidden potential, you can transform challenges into opportunities and turn personal stories into powerful testimonials. She also helps you create a tailored approach, ensuring that your unique qualities are incorporated into your flourishing business. Attendees will walk away with a newfound understanding of their strengths, a clear recognition of their obstacles, and a practical strategy to leverage their experiences to build a thriving business that harmonizes with their individual lifestyles.
Ignite Your Passion And Build A Business You Love
Heidi Schalk is a passionate coach who has helped hundreds of women create businesses they love. Her vision is to empower 1,000,001 female entrepreneurs to ignite their passion and build multiple six-figure businesses by 2033.

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