Helena Reilly, M.A.

Co-Founder Of Quantum Sound Therapy, Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Therapist, Speaker

About Helena

Helena Reilly is a renowned therapist, award-winning author, and co-founder of Quantum Sound Therapy. Her pioneering work in sound frequencies and immersive quantum scalar energy vortex technology has led to lasting transformations and reduced stress for thousands globally.

Her Amazon #1 bestselling book Quantum Sound Miracle iQube has been recognized as the top book in Mind/Body, Health & Wellness, and Alternative Medicine categories, highlighting the many benefits of her Miracle technology. With a graduate degree in Psychological Treatment from the University of Chicago, Helena has been awarded the Best Therapist and Therapy honor by Who’s Who Of Distinguished Alumni in 2015.

Alongside her late partner Robert Lloy, Helena co-created the Quantum Miracle iQube, which has helped thousands of individuals worldwide. Helena specializes in helping High Achieving Female Entrepreneurs overcome burnout and achieve their full potential through creating Quantum Harmony Homes that foster stress-free communication, harmony, genius, and joy.

Helena is on a mission to help 1 million families brilliantly optimize their divine potential and purpose by creating quantum homes by 2023.


“I was experiencing intense heart palpitations and murmurs, and I decided to do a water fast to cleanse my body. Even after a few days of fasting, the palpitations persisted, until I received the Miracle iQube. I had heard it being played in the background during a call and had already felt a difference then. But when I started playing it myself, the palpitations disappeared and never returned. I was amazed at how the iQube had a profound impact not just on my body, but also on my home and plants. I have two aloe vera plants that sit right beside it, and they seem to love the iQube as well.”

— David Wolfe, Bestselling author, founder of DavidWolfe.com, The INDIANA JONES OF THE Superfoods MULTIVERSE; Co-creator of “Nutribullet

“I want to share my wonderful experience with the Miracle iQube. I’ve actually had two of them – one in my office and one in my home for a couple of years. The calming effect that the iQubes have is incredible. They create a harmonious atmosphere in my home, and people who come over often comment on how pleasant it feels to be there. Additionally, I’ve noticed that when I’m working on creative projects, having the Miracle iQube nearby helps me to stay focused and clear-headed, leading to some truly innovative ideas. I highly recommend the Miracle iQube for anyone who wants to create a calming and productive environment.” 
— Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times Bestselling author of Happy For No Reason and Chicken Soup For The Woman’s Soul
“One thing that I really love about the ICU and the On Pocket is how the frequencies make me feel. I can physically feel different parts of my brain being activated at the same time, almost as if I’m already connected to the unified field. This allows me to receive new ideas, insights, and inspiration like an antenna. When I’m watching my mind movie and feeling my brain firing, I’m already starting to come up with the next steps I need to take in order to create my desired reality. It’s an absolutely phenomenal experience that helps me solve any challenges that come up in my life.” 

—  Natalie Ledwell, Co-founder of Mind Movies; Bestselling Author

“As a survivor of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, my journey of healing and recovery was a challenging one. I hit rock bottom and even considered taking my own life. However, I was able to transform my life and learn how to thrive, which led me to create a transformational film. The Quantum Sound Miracle iQube was one of the energy frequencies that we used during the making of the film. We brought it on set during filming and even traveled with it across the United States and Mexico. The technology completely transformed my life, even though I have no film background or experience. Our team was told that creating this film in six months was impossible, but we were able to do it by utilizing the Quantum Sound Miracle iQube and working at quantum speed. This technology truly has the power to transform your environment, and I am grateful to have it in my life.”

— Jennifer Kaufmann, Producer & Director of “There Has To Be More To Life…” Documentary; Business Coach

Speaking Topics

Top 3 Quantum Secrets That Shift High Achieving Female Entrepreneurs From Burned Out To Brilliant

Helena shares her top strategies for achieving a stress-free balance between work and home life. Through her expertise in the use of sound frequencies and immersive quantum scalar energy vortex technology, Helena explains how to access your genius potential to eliminate stress and struggle. She covers topics such as the impact of frequency on your thinking, accessing alpha brain waves for calmness and clarity, and how to take yourself into a deep sleep and what it can do for your body. Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of how to shift from burnout to brilliance.

3 Transformational Strategies To Bring More Harmony Into The Home

Successful women in business and careers often find it challenging to balance the responsibilities of their work life and family life, leading to symptoms of stress and burnout. This affects not only their personal well-being but also their relationships. In this keynote talk, Helena Reilly introduces three transformational strategies to bring more harmony into the home. She presents the “quantum harmony home” system to help attendees optimize their communication, tap into their genius potential, and reduce stress and burnout. With this system, attendees can achieve a work-life balance, have fulfilling personal relationships, and sleep better at night.

5G Burnout: How To Protect Yourself And Your Family From Damaging Frequencies

In her keynote, Helena delves into the topic of 5G technology and how it can negatively impact the health and well-being of families. She explores the various ways in which the high-frequency electromagnetic fields emitted by 5G can cause harm and provides actionable strategies to protect oneself and loved ones from its effects. Attendees will learn about the importance of changing the frequencies in their homes and how to create a safe and healthy environment to improve their overall health and quality of life.

Unlocking Your Genius Potential: Quantum Secrets For Thriving In Business And Home Life

Helena’s mission is to help High Achieving Female Entrepreneurs optimize their potential by creating a unique Quantum Harmony Home that enhances relationships, invites prosperity, and reduces fatigue and burnout. By 2023, she aims to help one million families brilliantly optimize their divine purpose through this transformative approach.

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