Henry Swarey

Founder Of Lighthouse Leadership, Sales Trainer, Speaker

About Henry

Henry Swarey is the founder of Lighthouse Leadership, a company that helps top-achieving sales teams grow their bottom line and their organization. He has a proven track record of success, having led a team of three from $0 to $30 million in just two years in a new market with no connections. Today, Henry’s passion is to help business owners who are tired of hearing “no,” who don’t understand why their sales team is not closing deals, and who are frustrated by missing their targets month after month. He teaches them how to turn their sales team into a powerhouse of performance using winning strategies that work in any industry.

Henry’s sales formula is simple but effective, showing sales teams how to ask the right questions, overcome any objections, and confidently close deal after deal. He empowers them to sell with ease and enjoy the process. Sales can be easy, and Henry can show you how!

Henry Swarey is on a mission to help one million sales team members create $1 million by 2033.


“Henry, this is so amazing! I never believed I would do it, but now I have bought my dream Dodge truck with leather seats. Also, you helped me buy my first house by telling me money was not my problem, but making a decision was my problem. I must admit I was scared, but once I decided to go ahead I felt so much better — and it was all because of the confidence you gave me to make my own decision.” 

— Merle

Speaking Topics

Closing Deals With Confidence: Empowering Your Sales Team To Master The Art Of Closing

Do you have somene else selling for you? One of the biggest challenges that business owners face is how to train and empower their sales teams to close more deals and generate more revenue. Many of them struggle with finding the right tools and strategies to help their sales teams overcome objections, build rapport, and close with confidence. Understanding the ins and outs of a business can be a lot, and as a business owner, you have to find the right way to take that stress off your plate. In his talk, Henry Swarey shows your attendees how to provide their sales teams with the tools and strategies they need to achieve success. Henry will walk them through the importance of asking the right questions, overcoming objections the first time, and closing deals with confidence every time. Leaving this presentation, attendees will be empowered to reach their sales goals for the team and help attendees drive revenue growth for the company month after month.

Streamlining Your Sales Strategy: Achieving More Revenue With Less Time And Effort

Efficiency is the key to success in sales, but many sales teams are stuck in outdated and ineffective processes that waste their time and energy. They spend hours on tasks that don’t generate revenue, ultimately impacting the company’s bottom line. In his talk, Henry Swarey shows attendees how to streamline their sales processes and achieve greater success with less effort. By understanding the key drivers of successful sales and implementing proven strategies, they can achieve more revenue growth with less time and resources.


Sales Calls Made Easy: How To Achieve More Sales, More Revenue, And More Satisfaction With Three Simple Strategies

Many business owners dread sales calls. They feel nervous, awkward, and unsure of what to say. They avoid them as much as possible, or they wing them and hope for the best. But this is a huge mistake! Sales calls are the lifeblood of any business. They are the key to generating more sales, driving more revenue, and growing your business. In his talk, Henry Swarey unveils three transformative strategies that empower attendees to approach sales conversations with newfound assurance. By streamlining their approach and honing in on core principles, participants can enhance their sales performance, cultivate revenue growth, and find renewed enthusiasm in their business endeavors. Attendees will gain insights into communicating effectively, handling rejection, and harnessing the potential of their sales teams for sustained success in a competitive market.


The Sales Leader’s Formula For Success

Henry Swarey is a sales leader who has achieved remarkable results, taking a team of three from $0 to $3 million in just two years, in a new market with no connections. He now helps sales teams to increase their profits and impact, and he has a bold mission: to help one million salespeople generate $1 million by 2033.

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