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Janet Tonkins is a Real Estate Investor and Developer, affectionately known in Baltimore, Md. as the ‘Baltimore, MD., as the “Baltimore Real Estate Diva”™ and “The Cashflow Queen” because she buys houses like other women buy shoes. She strives to treat everyone the way she wants to be treated. She built a name and reputation as the ‘go-to’ person in Baltimore for rental properties because of product excellence and her ability to go the extra mile. Her mantra and mission statement is “I won’t give anyone anything I can’t live in myself.” Janet buys an average of 2-4 houses per month and has over 100 properties in her residential portfolio. As a Bible study teacher, mother of three, and grandmother of two, Janet has successfully bought, sold, rehabbed, and managed over $700 million in single-family and multi-unit apartment buildings in NJ., MD., and GA.

She teaches classes on ‘How to Build a Rental Property Empire’ and is a coach, hard money, and private money lender, philanthropist, as well as a consultant and mentor. She is currently building a 74-unit apartment building (a $37 million project) for grandparents raising grandchildren in Paterson, NJ. She is also an author of The Turning Point with Jack Canfield, which is scheduled for release in September 2023.

Janet is on a mission to impact and change the financial position of over 1 million people of this generation and the next. Pay it forward by giving 1 million dollars away.


“Janet’s class was the true catalyst to us starting our real estate investment business. The class was detailed, practical, and we were ready to implement and purchase our first rental property within just a month of taking her class. Janet holds nothing back in sharing valuable information on the nuts and bolts of being a landlord. Within just one year of taking her class, we were able to purchase 10 properties and are still actively building our portfolio.”
— Trish Lewis

“Janet’s class gave me a solid foundation and a clear vision of how to build a real estate investment business. Inspiring, motivating, and honest, Janet teaches about the foundations of real estate, strategy, metrics, locations, business, faith, and the self. “The class teaches you what it really takes to build a successful real estate rental business and that it really is possible. Taking action with the tools Janet provides has enabled us to build a real estate portfolio that has exceeded our expectations and allowed me to generate enough cash flow to quit my day job.”

— Jason Kolomick

“I attended Janet’s coaching program. It was comprehensive and well worth it! Janet changed my life at 25 years old I now have 2 properties in two years, one a single-family and a three-unit apartment building. Janet provided not only her vast knowledge and experience; she provided the funding as well. She also taught me life lessons on savings, finances, and how to save money on vacations. She held nothing back! She is the real deal! The relationship that I have established with her and her family alone is priceless!”

— Nicholas Hill

Speaking Topic

How To Build A Rental Property Empire That Spits Money Like An ATM

This topic is for those who dream of owning a real estate rental empire but are confused and don’t know where to start. Janet’s mission is to inspire, motivate, and educate women, young and old, on how to become successful real-estate-rental moguls. In her talk, Janet delivers 12 steps to start and run a real-state rental property empire to generate cash flow, create wealth, and build a legacy for your family. She helps audience members realize their potential and understand there are no limits to your success.

Build A Cash-Flow Generating Real Estate Empire

Janet Tonkins has a goal to inspire, motivate, and educate women, young and old, on how to become successful real-estate-rental moguls.

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