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Certified Celebrant, Aftercare Specialist, Author, Founder Of Mourning Into Dancing

About Jason

Jason Harris is an esteemed celebrant and the visionary founder of Mourning Into Dancing. With his groundbreaking book, Good Grief: Celebrate Your Life, he has revolutionized the landscape of funeral services, infusing them with a unique blend of laughter and warmth that resonates deeply with families. Through his role as a trusted advisor to funeral directors, Jason addresses prevalent issues such as the decline in prearranged funeral planning and the prevalence of mediocre funerals, offering invaluable solutions to prevent burnout and enhance family healing and funeral experiences.


“Jason is our first choice for families that want to celebrate a life well. He learns all about the loved one, makes sure the service honors the loved one, and ensures the family is on a good path to healing. Those listening often think he must have known the deceased well or was a family member.”
— Stephanie Hughes, Funeral Director
“Jason Harris leverages his extensive experience of caring for people in the house of mourning to help us live and serve others better in light of death’s reality. Jason’s warm personality shines through as he navigates difficult issues of properly celebrating what matters most at a funeral and caring for others in their grief. The sparking of new ideas about handling end-of-life matters should cause us all to consider what we want said at our funerals.”
— John Crotts, Pastor Of Faith Bible Church

Speaking Topics

Powerfully Facing Grief:
3 Questions Make Life After Loss A Beautiful Future

Delve into the transformative power of intentional questioning, initially employed for crafting eulogies but now recognized as a crucial tool for fostering healing dialogues with those in mourning. This approach transcends superficial interactions, reaching into the depths of grief to nurture profound understanding and empathy. Participants will leave equipped with skills to effectively support the bereaved while enriching their personal reflections and family interactions through transformative conversations. Learn the pivotal role of structured, empathetic communication in the grieving process, which provides solace in moments of despair and paves the way toward a brighter future after loss.

Whispers Of Comfort:
Subtle Lessons In Grief Support Everyone Needs To Know

Embark on a journey of solace as we explore the gentle art of providing comfort without words. Drawing inspiration from unexpected teachers — a hobbit’s silent companionship, a dog’s loyal presence, and the quiet promise of a box of matches — we uncover the poignant truth that presence often surpasses dialogue in the landscape of grief. Additionally, we highlight the significance of personal funeral preplanning, which can alleviate both financial and emotional burdens on families, forming part of a holistic approach to grief. Commit to being a steadfast companion to the grieving long after the funeral flowers have wilted, learning ways to offer unwavering support that transcends the initial stages of loss.

Eulogies That Stir Souls:
Laughing Through Tears

Experience a paradigm shift in crafting eulogies with Bridging Humor with Poignancy: Crafting Authentic Funeral Services. This session imparts innovative techniques designed for clergy and speakers to infuse life and authenticity into funeral services, catalyzing healing through a blend of humor and poignancy. Learn the importance of personal legacy through preplanning one’s funeral, weaving this concept into narratives that embrace life’s finality with dignity. Step forward with confidence to curate a service that’s a less formal sermon and more soulful celebration enriched by innovative eulogy crafting skills and thoughtful funeral preplanning, ultimately offering profound support to the bereaved.

Note To Meeting Planners

A Transformative Figure In The Funeral Service Realm

With Jason Harris as a partner, event organizers can trust in his expertise to deliver exceptional content that not only meets the needs of funeral professionals but also grieving families, leaving a lasting impact on all who attend.
Mourning Into Dancing
Specializing in aftercare with a transformative touch, Jason Harris revolutionizes funeral services by turning them into warm and memorable celebrations. He is committed to guiding professionals in crafting and delivering eulogies that resonate and foster lasting peace of mind.

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