Javier Montes

Founder Of The Focused Father Coaching & Mastermind, Best-Selling Author

About Javier

Javier Montes, founder of The Focused Father Mastermind and an Amazon best-selling author, is a dedicated family man and marathon runner. He empowers fathers to refine their roles, helping them balance financial goals, health, fitness, and family time. With a focus on discipline in finances, fitness, and family, he enables men to transform vital aspects of their lives effectively, evolving into confident leaders, caring husbands, and inspiring role models for their children.
Javier is on a mission to empower 1,000,000 fathers to become the hero of their family by 2033.


“Javier is a peaceful family man at heart, with a quick smile and a happy spirit. On the other hand, if I was going to battle, this is a man that I would want next to me. Javier is no-nonsense in the department of bettering himself and others around him. My life has and will continue to be greatly enriched by this man.”
— Michael Tucker, Owner Of IamBulldog
“Javier’s passion for doing the right things and getting things done is contagious!”
— Cesar Quintero, Owner Of Fit2Go
“Javier’s energy is contagious. Great things happen when he’s around.”
— Jeremy Pound, CEO Of Juicy Results

Speaking Topic

Unlock Your “Super-Dad” Potential: 3 Game-Changing Strategies

Fathers often feel torn between their work and their family, struggling to balance their financial goals with their health and happiness. They want to be fit, successful, and present for their loved ones, but they don’t know how. In his talk, Javier shares three game-changing strategies that will help fathers unlock their “super-dad” potential and excel in all areas of their life. He shows attendees how to master their finances using a simple mindset shift that the wealthy use, how to fast-track their progress by choosing the right people to surround themselves with, and how to jumpstart a routine exercise regime that fits their busy schedule. With these simple yet powerful steps, attendees will learn how to boost their confidence and leadership and become the role models they want to be for their families.
The “Super-Dad” Blueprint:
Create A Winning Plan For Your Finances, Fitness, And Family
Javier helps fathers achieve financial independence, boost their energy and vitality, and reclaim their freedom and joy with their families so they can live life to the fullest. Javier’s vision is to inspire 1,000,000 fathers to step up as the hero of their families by 2033.

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