Helping High Net-Worth Individuals Experience The Greatest Possible Tax Savings

J. D. Clement, M.D., realized too late in her career that she had likely overpaid more than $100,000 in taxes. Now, as a professional tax strategist, she seeks to help high-net-worth individuals experience the maximum amount of tax savings available to them.

J. D. Clement, M.D.

Dr. Clement specializes in helping high-net-worth individuals experience maximum savings on their taxes.
J. D. Clement, M.D., is a seasoned professional tax strategist who transitioned from a 30-year career in medicine into tax consultancy. Motivated by potential tax saving, she trained with the KDA Tax Pro Grow program. Dr. Clement realized that she had likely overpaid more than $100,000 in taxes throughout her career. She is passionate about helping high-net-worth individuals experience the greatest possible tax savings. By educating her clients on tax codes and helping them create a personal tax strategy, she empowers them to achieve their financial goals and maximize their income.


“It’s always nice to read your take on business, manufacturing, management, and self-improvement. You have lots of good advice and words of wisdom!”
— E. Higgins, CIRAS Automation Project Manager
“I value the years we worked together, and learned a lot from you.”
— J. Kaiser, Director Of Supply Chain

Speaking Topics

How Developing A Tax Strategy Will Keep More Of Your Earnings In Your Pocket

Medical professionals like doctors, dentists, and veterinarians are experts in their fields, but many have overlooked critical aspects of tax planning. This talk dives into legally leveraging the tax code to ensure that you keep every dollar that you are entitled to. J. D. Clement, M.D., guides you through key tax strategies as well as pitfalls to avoid, emphasizing the importance of thinking about taxes year-round and integrating tax planning into your overall business strategy to experience maximum savings.

Unlocking Tax Savings: Leveraging Parenthood For Entrepreneurial Advantage

In an eye-opening presentation, J. D. Clement, M.D. unveils the hidden potential of family dynamics as a powerful tool for entrepreneurs’ tax savings. With a focus on doctors, dentists, and veterinarians managing their practices, this session delves into how children can significantly shape tax strategies. Attendees will uncover five indispensable elements to transform family expenses into lucrative tax-saving opportunities, gaining invaluable insights into integrating their family into their tax planning and discovering tailored strategies for optimizing benefits for both family and business within the tax code.

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